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Vegetarian Food: What Do You Serve a Vegetarian For Christmas / Thanksgiving Lunch?

What do you serve a vegetarian for Christmas lunch? The prospect of cooking for a vegetarian guest on any occasion fills most people with dread. But Christmas day? Well the word “panic” springs to mind. But really, there is no need to worry. (No, REALLY!) I am a vegetarian myself and I can assure you […]

Falls Church Va Florist Top Christmas Flowers

Poinsettia is regarded as one of the best Christmas flowers to have around. Its origin can be traced to 1825, they are wild plants grown in Mexico. It was introduced by Joel Robert Poinsett to United States. He was an ambassador to Mexico and a botanist. He planted some cutting of poinsettias to his plantation. […]

How to Cope With a Vegetarian at Christmas

In the Northern hemisphere, the nights are lengthening, the days are getting colder. This can mean only one thing: time to panic about creating the perfect Christmas experience. But no, wait, disaster and tragedy! “Oh by the way Mum, Dad, I’m vegetarian now, so I can’t have any Christmas turkey”. What on earth is a […]

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