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New Pest Control

Posted on | December 3, 2014 | Comments Off on New Pest Control

Last year, we had something of a pest control situation in our house; we had cockroaches everywhere. All of the sudden, cockroaches tuned up in the bathroom, the kitchen, even the backyard. We finally called Specialized Pest Control Roseville when we found that store bought pest control solutions weren’t going to cut it.

We heard about Specialized Pest Control Roseville from a friend who overheard me complaining about the cockroaches at a party. “Hey! We have had great luck with Specialized Pest Control if you want their number!” Of course I obliged because I didn’t have any other pest control companies in Roseville that were so highly recommended. “They totally saved our house from termites!”

I gave them a call the very next day after the party and they were able to come take care of my house in Roseville the very same day. And now we’ve hired them on permanently to make sure that our pest control problem stays at bay. Now they come by the house twice a month to make sure that our Roseville home stays pest free!

If you are having trouble with your pest control situation, feel free to call Specialized Pest!