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Finally, the teeth I’ve always wanted!

Posted on | November 22, 2013 | Comments Off on Finally, the teeth I’ve always wanted!

YouTube Cosmetic Dentistry Video

After almost 30 years with crooked teeth, I finally called Josh Bernstein, DDS at All New Smiles cosmetic dentist in San Francisco. I’ve always thought that it would be worth it to have a beautiful smile, but I really didn’t want to get braces and Invisilign was too much money for me. But now that Invisilign has been around longer, it’s more affordable for me.

When I walked into the cosmetic dentist office of All New Smiles, I immediately felt comfortable. The dental assistants and the dentist really made me feel like I was making the right decision to get Invisilign. In fact, many of the dental assistants were currently doing the Invisalign treatment. It was good to know that I would be in good hands.

I know it seems like it’s not a big deal, but I think that being confident about your teeth is really important. Not just because it is amazing to think about all the lipstick I will wear and smile in pictures, but because I know that I won’t ever think twice about smiling again. It’s really nice to know that I am making the right decision and I can’t wait to see my new teeth!