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Most Convenient Windshield Replacement

Posted on | October 8, 2013 | Comments Off on Most Convenient Windshield Replacement

It’s terribly inconvenient to get a crack in your windshield and have to get it replaced. But, if you call Precision Windshield Replacement¬†in Sacramento, I promise it won’t even be that bad. No, really. I had the same thing happen to me a few weeks ago, and I was super bummed out! When I told my friend about it, she told me to call Precision Auto Glass because I could maybe even qualify for a free windshield.

Well, of course I called the Yelp window replacement company Sacramento as soon as I got off of work! When I called, I asked them if I qualified for a free windshield and it turned out that YES, I did! All I had to do was give them my insurance information and I’d be good to go! I was so excited that I was not going to have to pay that I almost forgot about the best thing about Precision Auto Glass!

In addition to not having to pay anything to have my windshield replaced, the process was also extremely convenient. All I had to do was set up a day and time and they CAME TO ME. That’s right, the technician came to my office and completed the repairs. I didn’t need to wait at their shop, or get a ride, I just went to work and they fixed it. It was incredibly easy and amazing. Thanks, Precision Auto Glass of Sacramento!