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Brrrr, It’s Cooling Down!

Posted on | October 8, 2013 | Comments Off on Brrrr, It’s Cooling Down!

I love the cool weather, but that’s probably because I have access to heating. One thing I make sure to do every year is have Alley Heating & Air¬†Sacramento come to my house to make sure my heathers are up and working by the time winder comes around because there’s nothing worse than when the first really cold day of winter comes and your heater isn’t working. And believe me, I would know.

Heating Repair in Sacramento can be expensive, so I usually wait until the cold is just a little less than unbearable. But a few years ago, I learned to always be prepared because on that day that it was a little less than unbearably cold, I turned on my heater only to find that it was broken. I was so mad! But luckily Alley Heating & Air was able to come out almost immediately to fix it. When they came, they let me know about a service they have where they send out a technician to make sure your heater is working BEFORE you need it.

I thought it was such a great idea to offer a service like that, so of course I immediately signed up! And since then, I’ve never had a single issue with my heater working. And yes, I still wait until it’s just a little less than unbearable before I turn on my heater. Is that so bad??