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Anniversary Memories at Rendez-vous Winery

Posted on | November 3, 2012 | Comments Off on Anniversary Memories at Rendez-vous Winery

I was looking for cheap date ideas to take my girlfriend when I stumbled upon Rendez-vous Winery, specializing in wine tasting Sacramento CA, at Old Sugar Mill. I wanted to take her to Napa for our anniversary but it we didn’t have a full day to spend there, and I didn’t want to waste most of the day driving.  I found a few other wineries in Amador and El Dorado County but Old Sugar Mill is only 20 minutes from Downtown Sacramento, which is where we live.  I was excited that we would be able to maximize our time together instead of being stuck in the car.

I planned out the whole day. First we would grab brunch at Tower Café in Land Park, which would be on the way to Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg. I also packed a snack for us to nibble on between brunch and dinner, since I knew we would probably need something in between sips of wine. I’m not huge on wine, but since we’ve been together, my girlfriend has been trying to get me into it. I thought that taking her wine tasting would be a great way to show her that I wanted to learn more about wine. And I knew she would love it because she’s been asking for me to take her wine tasting for a while now.

So I brought a some cheese, grapes and crackers, which I thought was very apropros for wine tasting and packed a small thermal bag to put it in. I also planned for us to have a nice dinner back in Sacramento after wine tasting. By the time I had finished planning what we’d do that day, I was pretty excited about it myself. I knew my girlfriend would be too—the trouble was going to be keeping it a secret.

The day of the trip was perfect weather. It was a crisp, fall day, but perfect for a little wine tasting and exploring in Clarksburg. The drive was quick and easy, but also beautiful. The leaves were swirling around our car as we weaved along the river. Neither of us had been to that area before so it was hard to believe we were just 20 minutes outside of Sacramento.

We spent some time taking pictures and then headed inside to do some wine tasting at Rendez-vous. I heard about them specifically because my girlfriend’s friend had talked about them before. I didn’t have wine tasting on my radar at the time, but when I saw their name on the Old Sugar Mill website, I figured that would be our first stop. My girlfriend’s friend had said that she thought my girlfriend would like the winery because their wines reminder her of a winemaker in Napa they had gone to before.

That day at the winery was the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary. My girlfriend was talking about it for weeks after, and I think we are planning another trip to go back before Christmas.