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Culinary cooking

Posted on | May 31, 2012 | Comments Off on Culinary cooking

Article by linda miller

Culinary cooking – Education – Continuing Education

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Culinary is the art of cooking and it relates with kitchen activities.I realized my culinary interest when I was young since I always wanted to be around my mother when cooking. Having this interest to master various arts of cooking, I enrolled for a course in culinary at California School of Culinary Arts, Pasadena where I graduated with a degree in catering, corporate dining and restaurant management. From the time I graduated four years back I have worked in various major restaurants that hold hundreds of tourists across the world. By working in those restaurants I have mastered various cuisine methods of cooking that are used by different countries and this has improved my skills into great height. To further improve on my career, early this year I applied for a diploma in food and beverage as many so that I can be in apposition to advice people on the right food they should take. Food must be balanced if someone wants to live a healthy long life. As many people are faced with problem of indentifying the right food, I have prepared kitchen manual guidelines script that will guide people on how to prepare and eat right food. This script not only highlight how to take right food but it has some chapters that will help the reader on how to keep fit their bodies by taking balanced diet.I have realized that many chronic diseases are caused by poor eating habits but all this can be reduced if only people can be well informed on how to take care of their health through proper eating habits. I would like to show my master skills on culinary by presenting my ideas during regional competition at Le cordon Bleu College of culinary Arts, Miami. I hope and believe that I will offer my best and demonstrate my competency to all my audience; since this has always been my passion.

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The author Linda Miller has academic writing experience of over ten years. She holds a PHD in education from Harvard. She has been assisting students in writing professional academic papers including thesis, dissertations, research papers and term papers.

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linda miller

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