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Berkeley Restaurant Guide will be incomplete without Indian Food Hubs

Posted on | April 22, 2012 | Comments Off on Berkeley Restaurant Guide will be incomplete without Indian Food Hubs

Article by John Kennedy

The urban settlement of Berkeley proves to be a major attraction for the merrymakers and the foodies. Multi-cultural and multi-national essence has influenced its rich aroma of bubbling cultural life and the food corners. Well-managed dining hotspots here suit all budget ranges and all types of taste buds. Apart from the gourmets and the outstation guests, a top-grade restaurant in Berkeley attracts large number of family gatherings and theater or moviegoers on weekends. Name any food variant, the restaurants here will offer it with lip-smacking flavor. Be it authentic Chinese soup, Indian kebabs and sweetmeats, Italian pasta and pizza, steamed sea fish or Mediterranean wine, you will find them all in the food corners of Berkeley. To top the platters, beautiful ambience and sitting arrangement make the best value for money.Food hubs in the bubbling urban corner of this Californian town spread a rich magical spell for those who want to experiment with tasty platters from different countries. Once you enter into the well-decorated set ups in the dining halls of the restaurants then you will surely start to relish a fabulous and hypnotic pull. There are also some open-air restaurants that aim at extending romantic evening for the couples.Berkeley food junctions warmly receive and entertain their guests with open hands. Once you enjoy the hospitality in any of the major food corners here you will at once realize that the management people of the restaurants are willing to cross the boundary of professionalism to ensure a ‘never before experience’ for the diners. Well-conceptualized designs, backed with appropriate color combination, magic of light and shade, and lively music take the minds of the customers to a dream islands. Be it open air food corner or indoor dining facilities, Berkeley eateries are known for their top-grade hospitality.Berkeley restaurant guide puts special emphasis on ethnic Indian cuisines and Asian platters. Several Indian top class restaurants have established their strong presence here, spreading rich aroma of the oriental culture. ‘Indian Flavors Express’ is one of the finest example of this variant that prides itself in excellent food quality and warm customer service. Several lip-smacking items crowd the food menu in this diner’s paradise. As the name suggests, the service of this Indian food hub is truly worth relishing and place the customers’ minds on a fast-track feast zone. You should be rest assured that the eatables are prepared from fresh ingredients and with enough care to avoid any side affect following the munching of irresistible foods. Not only the people of Asian origin throng here but also the European and American citizens compliment the preparations of ‘Indian Flavors Express’ for their quality and varieties.Berkeley restaurant guide will be incomplete without the presence of Indian food corners. There are some people who try to avoid spicy Indian preparation for the fear of catching up stomach ailments. However, there is a wide gap between quality restaurants and substandard food hubs. Top-class dining spots will never dupe you in delving in the rich aroma of oriental charm.