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Copycat’s Restaurant Recipes Revealed

Posted on | April 14, 2012 | Comments Off on Copycat’s Restaurant Recipes Revealed

Like me, you’re probably searching the Internet trying to find the best copycat’s recipes you can. It can be difficult. Not all chefs are willing to give away their secrets. Trying to collect them in one place can be difficult as well.

When I eat out. I offer taste the dish and try to figure out the ingredients and the way it was prepared. I go home and I try cooking what I imagined the recipe was and many times I would fall short of the mark. I’m not that good at figuring that out. My mother, on the other hand, seems to have that knack. But she definitely doesn’t bat 100% all of the time.

I love eating out, but it can be quite expensive. I guess we can join the rest of the 50,000 regular restaurant eaters but I can’t pay what they can. This is why I cook. I wouldn’t do it otherwise.

And what about standing in line to get a table. That can get old as well. It would be great to have America’s best restaurant dishes. It would also be good to have the step-by-step instructions for some of us who aren’t exactly chef savvy.

I didn’t really think it was possible to get these recipes but I actually found a source. I tried some of the recipes and they they tasted like the real thing and not only that the recipes were easy to follow. And I’ll let you in on some free copycat’s recipes as well.