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Guide to West Maui Nightlife.

Posted on | April 4, 2012 | Comments Off on Guide to West Maui Nightlife.

Article by Ryan Burden

West Maui Night LifeWhere should we go tonight?I’ve been a bartender on west Maui for seven years now and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked that question. Usually it comes from a group of “singles” that’s stuck on a family trip or young couples looking for a fun night on the town. Maui is a small, mellow place. The majority of people visiting are families or retirees, not party animals. But don’t loose hope there are lots of singles, 18 -35 who come to work the restaurants and hotels here. They are some of the most fun, free spirited people you’ll ever meet. This article is designed as a guide for Maui nightlife from a locals point of view. The following is meant as a guide (not a strict set of rules). Bars are constantly opening and closing and crowds always change. But use this for starters and you won’t be disappointed. Monday NightHard Rock CaféMonday has been Hard Rock night for as long as I can remember, which is funny because there’s not any rock on this night. It’s Reggae night, featuring music from Marty Dread (a great local entertainer). You’ll find a mixture of tourists and locals filling the bar. There is a five-dollar cover charge, but there are some great drink specials and you’ll find it’s worth your money. Tuesday NightMoose McGuilicutyTuesdays go off and for good reason. It’s dollar drink night (not just beers all the well liquors too). This is definitely a local hot spot, I suggest you get there before ten or you’ll risk waiting in line (it barely moves because no one leaves, so get there early). The atmosphere can be a little “tough” inside. Don’t worry though, show respect to the locals and you’ll have a great night. Wednesday NightSanta Fe CantinaWeds have always been a mellow night on Maui (everyone’s hung over from dollar night). A new “off the map” Mexican restaurant called Santa Fe Cantina is changing that. It’s a small venue and doesn’t really get going until after 11 (that’s when all the locals get off work at various restaurants). If you can’t wait till eleven to start your night, head down the street to the Kimo’s bar. Kimo’s is a restaurant, with a great locals bar scene, the food is ok. Actually it’s a great place to start any of these nights, you’re sure to meet some cool locals and strike up some good conversations. Thursday NightSansei’s Sushi BarReady to sing some karaoke? No? Then lay off the sake or you’ll probably find yourself on stage. Sansei’s is a sushi restaurant in Kapalua (northwest Maui) that re-opens for the late night on Thursday’s, it’s a great fun, classy scene! There’s ½ off sushi (which is delicious) from ten till close. They usually shut the doors around nine thirty, a line builds and then they re-open the doors at ten and there’s a bit of a dash to reserve a table. I like to get there just before nine-thirty, sneak into a table and cocktail until ten, then order my sushi.Friday NightMai Tai LoungeIf you haven’t been to the Mai Tai lounge yet, then you’re missing out. It’s my favorite place to watch the sunset in Lahaina (between six thirty and seven thirty depending on the time of year). The atmosphere is lounge with dj’s spinning cool beats and fun tropical drinks. Try to get one of the three booths on the upstairs deck (best seats in the house). Mai Tai is a great place to chill and enjoy some good company, so make sure you bring the right people. Saturday NightLuLu’s @ the Cannery MallSaturday’s are Lahaina’s biggest night out. Lots of places have been hot over the years but these days the place to be is LuLu’s. This place cranks! Awesome atmosphere, dancing, dining, Lulu’s has it all! You’ll find a great combination of locals and tourists enjoying themselves. The best part is it’s halfway home for those of you visiting and staying in the Kaanapalii area. But promise me you don’t drink and drive! Your best bet is to take a cab, trust me you’re going to end up having fun and staying longer than you think. Besides a cab only costs about eight bucks. Be safe! SundaysMulligan’s and Merriman’sSunday’s is another mellow night (everyone partied at Lulu’s all night). But here are two great places you should checkout – Meriman’s in Kapalua has a great sunset cocktail hour. The atmosphere is very upscale, so know that in advance and dress accordingly. The second place is Mulligan’s at the wharf in Lahaina. Mulligan’s is an Irish dive bar that’s very casual and local, it doesn’t get going till after ten. Sunday’s are usually open mic nights; you’ll hear some great local talent and enjoy real island beats!