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Choosing a Plastic Surgeon in Dallas

Posted on | March 17, 2012 | Comments Off on Choosing a Plastic Surgeon in Dallas

Article by Stacey Lou

Choosing the right plastic surgeon is a daunting task. Simply deciding that you want to undergo elective surgery to begin with is a process that makes people cringe. So even after you’ve endured the mental strain of making the best decision regarding your plastic surgery, how do you go about selecting a surgeon?

In the modern age of technology and rapid information, the internet is certainly the best and quickest way to start. A quick search on Google will no doubt introduce you to dozens of plastic and cosmetic surgeons in your area. However for something as serious as plastic surgery, you cannot simply decide on instinct or even press the “I’m feeling lucky” button on Google. This takes thorough consideration as this is easily one of the biggest decisions of your life. If you’re already willing to shell out the cash to drastically improve your appearance, self-esteem, and confidence, why should you settle for anything less than a top rated plastic surgeon? No matter what the cosmetic procedure, whether you’re looking at breast augmentation to attract a little attention, liposuction to add the final touches to your wait loss initiative, or a tummy tuck because you’ve lost over 50 lbs and now have excess skin, you deserve an expert surgeon boasting the highest credentials for your surgery. After all, if someone is going to making incisions into your skin, shouldn’t he have a steady hand?

Dallas is one of the largest plastic surgery markets in Texas. A city ripe with world-class shopping, high-end restaurants, and the bustling areas in uptown, Highland Park, and even Plano, is bound to be home to some of the country’s most skilled surgeons. But a great plastic surgeon is more than just a physician, doctor, or even surgical specialist.

A truly sophisticated plastic surgeon is an artist, someone passionate about his work and his patients. It takes more than even top notch credentials. Before selecting a surgeon, schedule a consultation with him and really get a chance to learn about his character. Make sure he is honest, kind, and compassionate and will guide you in the right direction. If you he truly believes you are a good candidate for plastic surgery, he will let you know. But also if perhaps there are other less invasive options that are better for you, he will be candid and upfront with you. The right doctor will be not just your physician, but your advisor, and most of all your friend.