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Phoenix Search Engine Optimization

Posted on | March 15, 2012 | Comments Off on Phoenix Search Engine Optimization

Phoenix Search Engine Optimization is a growing industry as more and more companies look to the internet to deliver customers to their stores.

More than 60% of consumers now say that online research influenced their decision making process when purchasing a particular product. A Phoenix search engine optimization company can help those people find your company.

The explosion of social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have dramatically influenced the number of people using the internet.

And, with the increasing amount of smartphones being purchased that can access the internet any place has made it more important than ever for companies to make sure that they have a strong website and Phoenix search engine optimization companies are helping that happen.

What the company is doing is examining what words people are searching for.

 Often business owners aren’t aware of certain phrases that their potential customers are using when they go to places like Google or Bing.

That’s where a partner in the search space can really help a company.  It begins with determining what those so-called keywords are that their potential customers are entering into sites like Google.

Then, a Phoenix search engine optimization company can examine the website of their client to see how often those keywords appear on their website.

Most of the time the proper keywords are not being used on the company’s website and the text on their website needs to be altered to help improve the company’s ranking.

After that takes place then the Phoenix search engine optimization company will go to work with their client to see who their competitors are for the particular words or phrases.  An assessment is performed to find out why those competitors are doing so well with those particular phrases.

A business in Arizona should really look for a Phoenix search engine optimization company that can run reports and help them determine the right keywords, what their competitors are doing, and what their site needs to do to include the right mix of those phrases on their site.

The next, and arguably, most important step is beginning to build links to the company’s website from external sources.  Say, for instance, that you are a restaurant.  Well, in order to improve your Phoenix search engine optimization company score you would need links to your website on food websites, city guide type sites, and business directory sites.

You would also benefit greatly by having links to your site from bloggers who like to eat out and write about their experiences on their personal blog.  This is part of the reason the blog movement has become so big.

Your SEO score can improve greatly by having bloggers link to you because sites like Google give very high scores to bloggers.

These are just a few of the things that you should really make sure your company is looking for when you are considering which company to hire to help you in this space.