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Panama Destinations for the Angler on Vacation

Posted on | February 11, 2012 | Comments Off on Panama Destinations for the Angler on Vacation

Article by Captain Santiago

There is a lot of variety to be found in Panama destinations for the traveler. The places you can see and the experiences you can sample are abundant and range from sophisticated urban experiences to wild adventure travel. A favorite and growing destination for vacationers in Panama is the province of Chiriquí. This small province, about the size of South Carolina boasts over a dozen different micro-climates from coast plains to mountain cloud forests. Unique among the Panama provinces, Chiriquí is a place where you can spend the morning on a beach that you have all to yourself and the afternoon wrapped in a sweater exploring a highland jungle.

Chiriquí’s coastline is anything but monotonous. There are glistening dark volcanic beaches that stretch for miles and miles. There are hidden coves with pearl white sand and dramatic cliffs that end in rocky shores with tide pools and crashing surf.

One of the most popular activities in the province is fishing. Of all the Panama destinations, Chiriquí is the only one where you can be deep-sea fishing for giant marlin or sailfish one day and the next day be fly-fishing in a mountain stream. For the truly intrepid, there are also lakes located far into the highlands where you can enjoy the quiet pleasure of casting a line for freshwater species as well.

David is the capital of the province and is the third largest city in the country. While not a metropolis by any stretch of the imagination, the city offers fine dining, shopping, casinos and coffee shops to entertain you. The Chiriquí Highlands are an hour away by car. In the highlands, you can sample coffee after a tour of one of the many plantations, enjoy world-class bird watching with experienced guides, go white water rafting on rivers the equal of any in the world, and, for the brave of heart, zip-line through the forest canopy on an incredible journey through the rain forest.

The city of David has a wide range of accommodations including the brand new Hotel Ciudad David, a 150 room property with an excellent restaurant. There are dozens of small economical hotels that offer clean, safe rooms and some tasty local cuisine. The gastronomic scene in David is in its infancy but you will be able to find several ‘new Panama’ bistros with professionally trained chefs who are bringing originality and quality to their treatment of fresh local ingredients. Additionally, David has quite a few Cantonese restaurants, several Italian and a very good Peruvian restaurant as well. Local fare or ‘tipica’ can be found on every street and will serve up some fast, basic and wholesome meals at a fantastic bargain price.

If the purpose of your vacation is mainly fishing in Panama, the half-dozen lodges around Boca Chica and the outlying islands can give you an entirely different experience than the rather hustle and bustle atmosphere of the little city of David. Many of the lodges and resorts in this area are luxurious indeed and will deliver a world-class kind of stay. While it is true that you will be more or less stuck at your destination once you arrive there, the lodges and resorts take special care to provide good food that focuses on the abundant fresh seafood in the area. Many of the resorts have private beaches and swimming pools and all will arrange trips to see the sights in the mountains or a city excursion for you.

Of course, your trip to Panama will naturally include the most popular of Panama destinations–Panama City, the hub of the Americas. Panama City is a sophisticated, bustling urban landscape that serves as the second largest capital of finance in the world. The commerce that passes through the Panama Canal brings to this multi-cultural city all the variety you would expect. Restaurants of every conceivable twist, including all of the familiar and many of the not-so-familiar. Panama City has history to uncover in Casco Viejo, engineering marvels in the canal and the ultra-modern architecture, and shopping that will satisfy even the most jaded world traveler.