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Westchester Lunch Spots “?” The Best Sandwich Maker I Know

Posted on | December 26, 2011 | Comments Off on Westchester Lunch Spots “?” The Best Sandwich Maker I Know

This isn’t something I usually do. Being with the owner of Nikos Greek Taverna in White Plains, I am rarely ever inspired enough to write about the another eatery, especially in the same city!

My wife was hungry for one the Melt’s sandwiches, so she phoned in an order and I drove to Mamaroneck Avenue in White Plains to fetch it.

After arriving home about 30 minutes later, I quickly destroyed my sandwich! This is the reason I am recommending this place.

I regularly dine at Melt about once every one or two weeks, since their opening. . The owner goes by the name “Chef”, and we’ve become good buddies.Chef is a definitely a pro sandwich artist.

And, I been around delis and restaurants my entire life. My family operated the Purchase Deli for years until it was sold last year. My aunt also ran 2 delis in Cennecticut. Even so, no one makes a sandwich like my friend Chef. That guy is an awesome “chef”.

Let me tell you what makes his sandwiches so great. According to my wife I am a sauce guy because if I eat something that isn’t already saucy I’ll add ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, Tabasco, mayo, steak sauce or whatever else I think might compliment my meal. By the way, it drives Stacey crazy when I dip her cooking into a condiment.she gets so insulted.

Returning to the sandwiches. I’m just like Joey, from the sitcom Friends, sandwiches are my favorite food. MELT offers a simplified step by step way of ordering. First, select your meat. You pick your meat, all of which are smoked on site. Then you figure out which of Chef’s sauce/topping combos you want. And, lastly, you pick your bread.

There is a new menu item called the Brown Sugar Rubbed Brisket with BLT topping on a wedge that I frequently order. My mouth waters just thinking about it! This is a delicious sandwich A classic fat boy sandwich as my brother would say. The bacon is finely chopped, similar to bacos, and slices of cucumber are placed on top. The top is covered with chopped iceberg, tomatoes and cucumber slices. I get hungry just thinking about it!
The Turkey Melt Mac is what my wife always orders. It has the Chef’s own version of McDonald’s special sauce. Stacey is usually so picky about food but this sandwich, she cant get enough of. She craves one of these around a few times a month.

So, stop in and say hello to my buddy, Chef. Tell him Niko sent you. You will not regret it! ! I would guess that there are ten regulars that go there now – because of me. I can’t stop myself. If I eat something delicious, I tell everyone I encounter about it.