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DC Universe Online Guide

Posted on | December 15, 2011 | Comments Off on DC Universe Online Guide

This is a brief DC Universe Online Guide. If you need a complete DC Universe online guide or a premium DCUO guide, please visit my blog. You can find the link at end of this post. Here is my first short version of DCUO guide that will introduce you to DC universe online power sets.

Since this is only a basic guide for DC universe online, it contains six power sets along with descriptions and names of other power trees that are found within each of those six power sets. I have put up much more detailed and graphical DC universe online power tree only my site along with more details. Although you see only six power sets, actually there are 12 considering that you have two within each one of them.

Click here for a detailed DC Universe Online guide.

DC Universe online Fire power set

The Fire power means getting the command of flame to hurt your enemies with heat gusts or for protecting your team.

This can be played in two roles, Tank role where your damage is reduced by 20% or in Damage role, where your damage is increased by 35%. there are two main specializations in Fire power set – Immolation and Ignition, each of these unlock 10 powers that are included in their trees respectively.

DC Universe online Gadget power set

With Gadget power you can dominate the combat using mechanical weapons and tools. The two roles in Gadget power are damage role where your damage output increases by 35% and controller role where your allies will recover 110 power over 5 seconds. Gadget power users have a very good benefit over Nature and Sorcery power heroes.

You could hurt their  ability to heal really bad. Some examples of powers from Gadget tree are taser pull, traps, stealth, sleep dart, grenades, fear gas, etc.

To learn more about these power sets visit DC Universe Online guide

DC Universe online Ice power set

Ice power gives you the ability to shape and control ice to forge might weapons for dealing damage or to protect your team with heavy winds. The two roles in Ice power are damage role where your damage is increased by 35% and Tank role where your damage is penalized by 20%. Storm power will increase your defense by 200%. Ice power heroes have a great advantage over Gadget and Mental power heroes. They are resistant to effects as well as controlling abilities both! Sample powers are Resonating Gale, Freezing Wave, bitter winds, artic gust, etc.

DC Universe online Mental power set

Mental power set includes a range of skills that allow you to attack or control your enemy with psychic powers. In damage role, damage is increased by 35% and controller role helps you and team to recover 110 power over 5 seconds. Mental power heroes have significant advantage over Nature and Sorcery heroes. While you attack them you will reduce their healing abilities and you’d also get a chance to increase your damage by 35%. Sample powers include Thought bubble, Mass Leviation, Pyrokinesis, Telekinectic Strike, etc.

DC Universe online Nature power set

Nature power set is the one that will allow you to leverage forces of nature to benefit you by changing your form or healing or curies your allies. Damage role gives you additional 35% damage and healing role will penalize your damage by 35%. The health and restoration and damage prevention effects are doubled. They have an advantage over Ice and Fire power heroes. They completely ignore the impenetrable defenses there by making them weak to attacks.Sample powers are Swarm, Vine Lash, Thorn Shield, Briar, Harvest, Bloom, etc.

All power sets and skill trees in detail with graphics at DC Universe Online guide.

DC Universe online Sorcery power set

The list of powers in Sorcery tree deal with reviving allies or summoning pets that will do all your work. In the damage role, all the damage output you do is increased by 35% . Healing role its penalized by 35%. Healing and restoration and defensive effects are doubled as Nature power.  They have significant advantage over Ice and fire power users and can break through their tough defenses.

The DC Universe online guide at my blog as much more in-depth tutorials and guides on each of the power sets as well as their specialization lines. Along with that you would be also able to find weapons guide and quest guide very soon. This was a brief overview and more detailed guide for DC Universe online can be found at my site.