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Restaurants in Prague

Posted on | November 3, 2011 | Comments Off on Restaurants in Prague

Prague is a paradise for those who have a good appetite. The Czech food itself is not particularly special, it certainly has a unique flavour to it and is well worth a try. However, the food that you get in Prague is far more than just this and indeed there are many International Restaurants and even standard local restaurants which serve a wide variety of high quality ingredients and flavours from around the world.
However, if you want to enjoy good food in Prague, then it is important that you choose the right places to go as you can easily pay through the nose. Being one of the most touristy cities in Europe, Prague has its fair share of highly overpriced restaurants where you are probably not going to get a brilliant meal as well.
Any visit to Prague should include a night out at the famous Plzensky Klub restaurant in Smichov district.

This place, built in a multi-tiered cellar is simply amazing. This is an entirely Czech place serving only Czech cuisine and you can expect to get amazing cuts of pork amongst other things. The meals are also enormous and a pretty reasonable price also.
There are literally hundreds of good restaurants in the city. Is a good idea to pick up an In Your Pocket city guide once you get there as it has a directory and honest information about all the places you are likely to want to visit.
Indeed, if you are not in the very central area, you can probably be pretty sure that if you walk into a random restaurant you’ll get a good meal and also not get ripped off. As a general rule, most restaurants, especially of the more expensive types, tend to have menus outside them, so check the prices before you enter.