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Burning Calories through Walking

Posted on | November 1, 2011 | Comments Off on Burning Calories through Walking

Article by Ramsden Clark

Our weight relies on what we call the discipline of calorie. The balance of the caloric intake and its expenditure should be monitored in maintaining and also, losing weight. To decrease weight, one must increase his or her activities to burn or spend the calories and eat fewer calories every day.

Principle involving weight and calories

One pound of a food component called fat is equivalent to 3500 calories. This means that to lose a pound, one must burn at least 3500 consumed calories every week by adding physical activities or decreasing foods high in calories. Moreover, doing both is the best way to lose those extra pounds. A weekly goal of losing one to two pounds is a realistic goal and combining the increase in physical activities with decreasing caloric intake is a good start.

Burning calories

There are a lot of ways to burn calories. This can be done through walking, running, brisk walking and many others. Brisk walking can burn more weight than walking but with beginners, it is helpful to do long walk than increasing the speed to establish endurance. For those who wanted a guide, a simple rule is that for a 180 pound person, burning 100 calories per mile is good. Walking with arm motion can also increase caloric expenditure and as well as long strides as extra muscles are used. But still, running spends a lot more calories as lifting weight and moving in a fast, steady motion is performed.

For those who cannot run walking further is the next best thing to do to burn calories. Walking further for five to six days very week develops endurance. Endurance is essential for sustainability and strength that are needed to spend more calories.

You can burn calories while asleep

Developing your muscle can help you burn more calories every single day even when sleeping. Adding muscle to the body elevates the basal metabolic rate. Basal metabolic rate is the amount of calories spent everyday at rest. When we say developing your muscles, it is more of toning the extremities, stomach, chest and shoulders.

• For beginners: As you walk further and increases distance, leg muscles are developed.• Habitual Walkers: Brisk walking should be tried for those who have been doing the walk for months or years. Brisk walking tones up new muscles which also increase the calories you burn per mile.• Strictly Walkers: There are also people who are not interested in toning muscles through walking. These people must attend some strengthening or toning exercise aside from the walking activities to increase basal metabolic rate.

Sample of food intake and equivalent walking distance

Eating a candy bar requires you to walk for three to five miles and a ten kilometer-walk when a Big Mac is consumed. If you have a eating habit of just taking foods high in calories everyday than you need, losing weight is impossible.Have a good eating habit.Most often than not, people do not have an idea of how much calories they eat and consume per day. Listing each meal down in a diary and observing your eating habits will help in sustaining an attitude beneficial to you, especially to your health.

Additional tips:

• You can eat the foods you like but make sure that they are in smaller servings.• Snacks should involve fruits, nuts and vegetables than processed foods.• Add five to ten fruit and vegetable servings everyday.• Restaurant servings are 200% bigger than the amount of calories you need to consume. Taking home half of the serving will help you get through.• Do not starve yourself. Do some changes that you can sustain for life. Try something new, do not limit yourself but always bear in mind that too much of everything is fatal.

Embracing an active lifestyle speeds up metabolism that burns more calories. With this, losing weight is easy as long as a balanced diet is also observed. Furthermore, burning and utilizing the calories consumed can also prevent you from a lot of coronary diseases and also, optimum level of functioning is also achieved.