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How to find Korean Clothing

Posted on | October 27, 2011 | Comments Off on How to find Korean Clothing

Korean clothing and Hangul characters (Korean alphabet) has become more and more popular over recent years. People in USA, Japan, England, China, and other places around the world have become more fascinated with this Korean lettering and the Korean culture.

Korean clothing is difficult to find. It is true. Finding actual clothing and t-shirts with Korean writing is very difficult. Even when you are in Korea visiting, you will have an amazingly difficult time finding Korean Clothing with Hangul writing.

This is because Korea is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing economies in Asia and in the world. They have adopted many western practices and have begun to use English on the signs, clothing, and just about every product you see in Korea will probably have some English on it.

There is one place to find Korean clothing with actual Hangul writing and other cool stuff about Korean culture:

You can also find Korean clothes and Korean clothing in the USA at Korea towns in places like Los Angeles, New York, and other Korea town cities. Koreatowns are ethnic parts or divisions of cities that are filled with Korean people, Korean clothing, Korean restaurants, and other ethnic Korean shops. They are also referred to as Little Korea and Little Seoul.

Koreatowns in the United States of America include:

Dallas, Texas

New York City, New York

Los Angeles, California

Some other Koreatowns around the world include:

London (England), Manila (Philippines), Tokoyo (Japan), Osaka (Japan), Beijing (China), Shanghai(China), Hong Kong (China), Toronto (Canada), Sydney (Australia), Melbourne (Australia), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Santiago (Chile)


*  In general, Koreans appreciate when others try to learn Korean culture. You will often find that they are quite excited to see foreigners wearing Korean clothing.