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Luxury Madrid City Guide 2009 2010

Posted on | October 24, 2011 | Comments Off on Luxury Madrid City Guide 2009 2010

Article by Phoenix Delray

Madrid city guide: Even though this city is well known for being rather eclectic, it didnt always seem that way. For a long time it seemed that the city was second in command to Barcelona, but with a recent surge in the population, this historic capital city became a destination for luxury lovers all its own. There are centuries of rich history in the city along with architecturally unique buildings, museums, cultural centers, parks and paseos and more. There are tons of opportunities for dining at five star restaurants, staying at the luxury hotels and anjoying a bunch of the worlds most high end shopping. Any Madrid city guide will also tell you that the city is famous for its active nightlife as well.

Unofficially, the city is divided into three different areas: The Center, the Ensanche area and the Periphery. The Center is filled with all of the famous points of interests where tourists flock, and this is where visitors will enjoy Gran Via/Plaza de Espana, which is the main drag of the city. At night the Plaza Mayor is popular with its tapas, wine and musical entertainment. Chamberi is an active hub of upscale places to be with its bookshops, art galleries, museums and restaurants. The Gran Via is home to some of the best fashions, furs, jewelry and bookstores in the country.

The Ensanche area is full of luxurious hotels and shops, where the upscale neighborhood of Salamanca Quarter can be found. This has been a high end place to live since the late 19th century. Not only can the American Embassy be found here, but there are plenty of Internationally known shops and boutiques that shoppers can really enjoy here too. Along the Castellana, tourists will love the restaurants and luxury hotels that are here along with many modern points of interest such as a skyscraper and a soccer stadium.

Although Madrid is filled with attractions like ancient churches, museums, and cathedrals, you wont want to miss the Botanical Gardens, the Royal Palace, the Fine Arts Museum and other former homes of different heads of state. There is also the Warner Bros. Movie World, which is kind of like a DisneyLand. The Zoo Aquarium de la Casa de Campo features more than 3,000 animals from 5 continents and also has an incredible tropical marine aquarium. Also, be sure to enjoy the Madrid culture by seeing a flamenco show at El Corral de la Moreria and catch a bullfight at the San Isidro festival. Throughout the entire year the city is home to tons of different festivals, events, fashion shows and major music performance features as well as gourmet dining and shopping, so be sure to pick up a Madrid city guide that is very thorough and informative.