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Monthly California Area Full-Time RV Parks

Posted on | October 20, 2011 | Comments Off on Monthly California Area Full-Time RV Parks

The fulltime RV parks that are scattered throughout the Northern and Southern California areas are as diverse as the activities they offer.  No matter what your preference is, you can find attractions that are tailored to your wants and needs.  Many California RV parks cater to specifically to seniors, while others are definitely kid friendly.  There’s something in California for everyone.

RV Parks for Everyone

You’ll find all types of RV parks and resorts that provide services on a fulltime, extended stay basis.  Many California RV parks are conveniently located near a variety of popular, kid friendly attractions and landmarks.  Some, however, provide amenities specifically for older adults, especially those facing retirement years. 

Choosing To Live in California

California’s 2009 population was nearly 37,000, according to the US Census Bureau’s estimate for that year. Some of that number consists of people who have travel here in there recreational vehicles (RV) and decided to relocate.  Areas like San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and other California cities often attract new residents.  This is no doubt attributed to the fact that eight of the 50 largest cities in the United States are found in California.   The Virtual Travel Guide suggests: “Don’t forget to take advantage of the Chamber of Commerce and the Visitor’s Bureau websites for the location you’ll be visiting.  Both these websites can provide a wealth of resources and also inform you about any upcoming special events in their cities.”

Are you a visitor who is thinking seriously about living in California?  Maybe you’re a California resident seeking a change in routine or lifestyle.  Regardless of your reasons, if you’re searching to find a good California RV Park, it’s important to find one that really suits your needs.  Think about the kind of atmosphere you that you want and the type of amenities you’re looking for.  Then you can select the California city and RV park that can offers those things.  Are you looking for a quiet environment or a highly charged one?  Do you want to be in the city or would you like to be surrounded by nature?   These factors have a bearing on your choice in an RV park, especially on a fulltime extended stay basis.

Different Types of California RV Parks

Northridge California is the home of Walnut RV Park, a quaint little site that is in in a quiet setting.  It is, however, located close shops and major restaurants, as well as other important businesses and services.  More than half of the 111 RV spaces at Walnut Park have full time guests occupying them.  The RV sites have full hook-ups and electricity is included in the monthly extended stay rate.  For a contrast, there is the Chula Vista RV Resort with 237 RV sites.  It is located in San Diego California’s bustling bay area that is adjacent to the marina.  They provide full hook-ups and have a number of amenities available.  This is one of the luxury RV resorts.  It is surrounded by beautifully landscaped parks and nearby restaurants and boutiques.

Advantages of California Monthly RV Parks

CherryValley Lakes RV Park is just minutes from Palm Springs and offers a number of park facilities, typically at no additional cost.  Included in the many available features found at California monthly RV parks are: Jacuzzis, swimming pools, game and meeting rooms, Wi-Fi connection and cable TV.  Showers, kitchen and laundry facilities are also common, as well as telephone service.  It is important to keep in mind that monthly rates may be affected by factors such as the season, the number of guests, vehicles and other variables.

Whatever setting you want to be in, you can probably find it somewhere in the California area.  RV camping in California allows you the opportunity to experience a wide range of activities and events, no matter what the season.  That includes a beach spot, a mountain setting, or a woodsy campground.  The right RV Park is waiting for you in California, whether you head south or north.  You can relax and take start taking life easy while enjoying the beautiful climate and surroundings that California monthly RV parks have to offer.  You may want to start by checking out a park like the San Francisco RV Resort.  They have an RV spot for you among the182 full hook-up sites that overlook the beautiful Pacific Coastline. They even provide RV rentals to those who don’t own their own RV. 


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