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How to Travel to Hawaii On a Budget

Posted on | October 18, 2011 | Comments Off on How to Travel to Hawaii On a Budget

The beautiful landscapes, gorgeous beaches, and tropical climate of Hawaii draws millions of visitors to the islands every year making it a world-renowned vacation destination. But we all know there’s a pretty price to pay for traveling to paradise. As one of the most isolated island chains in the world, airfares can be relatively expensive whether you’re coming from the US mainland or East Asia and beyond. The remoteness and immense popularity of the islands also adds to food and gas expenses, and can make accommodations pricey as well. But not to worry, there are always deals to find, and we have some insider tips to get you to travel to Hawaii on a budget.


You can save hundreds even thousands of dollars on airfare if you avoid the busiest months of travel in Hawaii. Typically the holiday season is the most expensive time from December 15th to April, especially over Christmas and New Years. Summertime means higher gas prices and more traveling nation-wide, causing a spike in airfare prices from June 15th to September. Last time I visited the US mainland was last May, and I paid only 0 for a round trip flight from Honolulu to Boston. Not bad for a destination that’s over 5000 miles away from Hawaii. My friends from LA or San Francisco often find flights to here for about 0 round trip during the off-season travel months. These deals can easily be found when searching on any travel site like Travelocity, Orbitz, Kayak, or Priceline. You can also set up low fare alerts automatically sent to your email as prices drop for your requested dates of travel. Saving is simple, just search multiple travel sites during the off-season months, and you can’t go wrong.



The beach front luxury resorts are nice, but will cost you 0 a night and up. Mid-range hotels are still located blocks from the pristine Hawaiian beaches, and are often under 0 a night. You may not have the best pool, but with the beautiful Hawaiian beaches a short walk away, you don’t need one. Similar to airfare prices, hotels will also drop in price during the off-season months. Also check reviews of the hotels on Tripadviser or Frommer’s to find the best accommodations for the cheapest price.


Restaurants inside resorts and around the busy tourist districts are typically more expensive. Avoid up-scale restaurants because they will consume your funds in a hurry. Instead, try asking a local where the cheap, but tasty places to eat are around town. The locals working at your hotel would be more than willing to guide you to nice inexpensive restaurants. Also, hotels often carry coupon books that offer up to 50% off on several different restaurants. I like to use the ever popular Groupon website to get the best coupons for restaurants all over the islands. For lunch, try the inexpensive local cuisine “plate lunch,” which consists of marinated meat, rice, and side salad.


Remember traveling during the off-season is key for saving the most on your vacation. You’ll still catch the perfect island weather, and also will be blessed with less crowds people around the islands. Use these three simple travel tips, and Hawaii will turn into a dream you can afford.