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City Reviews – Mumbai and the Citys Restaurants

Posted on | September 19, 2011 | Comments Off on City Reviews – Mumbai and the Citys Restaurants

Mumbai is no wonder the right city for many who have nurtured big dreams in any available segment; the dreams get realized here! It is a truly cosmopolitan area bustling with activity round the clock. For tourists, the city has lots to offer. Right from beaches, natural bounties to modern day soaring skyscrapers and more, you will find here all. Read city reviews – Mumbai to know completely about Mumbai. You will then not miss on anything when you visit this financial and commercial capital of India. The climate of Mumbai is different from the rest of the country; you will experience a warm and humid weather almost round the year. As per city reviews – Mumbai, the best time for vacationing in Mumbai is between November and February.

The most attractive aspect About Mumbai is Bollywood.

This industry attracts many who want to make it to the big glamorous world. Well, there is another aspect equally alluring about Mumbai and that’s the stock market. Home to the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange, the two principal bourses of the country, Mumbai is the core of the Indian capital market. Besides, this city is a business and corporate hub. City reviews – Mumbai finds mention about the big corporate houses having their headquarters in this city.

So, where do you want to stay in Mumbai – in the outskirts or near the airport or near the beaches, in the vicinity of Marine Drive? There is no dearth of hotels in Mumbai. Read city reviews – Mumbai, particularly at a travel portal so that you stay in the best hotel cost effectively in your preferred location.

Dining in the restaurants in Mumbai is great fun. You will love the food here irrespective of whether it is the local Maharashtrian food or any other Indian and international cuisines. Restaurants in Mumbai in the southern region that find mention in city reviews – Mumbai include Souk, Thai Pavilion, Trishna, VongWong, MasalaCraft, Leopold Café, Samovar, to name a few. In the Juhu and Bandra region, you will love dining at any of Aurus, Govinda’s, Out of the Blue, Penne, Prithvi Café, and more. Restaurants in Mumbai in the Chowpatty to Worli region worth mentioning are Oh Calcutta, Olive Bar & Kitchen, San Qi, Copper Chimney, and more. Irrespective of where you dine in the restaurants in Mumbai, the taste will only linger in your taste buds for days together!