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Restaurants in Delhi Offering Foods of All Taste and Types – Are Scattered All Around the Metropolitan

Posted on | September 17, 2011 | Comments Off on Restaurants in Delhi Offering Foods of All Taste and Types – Are Scattered All Around the Metropolitan

Scour each nook and corner of the city to have a taste of Delhi

The capital of India, Delhi has much more to offer to its guests. From warm hospitality to scrumptious food, world class accommodation to breathtaking sightseeing, you can find all this in this ethnic city! The following lines are dealing on most interesting note; the food! From street food restaurants to elegant hotels and restaurants, all have found their places in this conurbation.
This old metropolis has a big list of restaurants, street food junctions and bars to offer. And you can choose according to your pocket. There is a complete range of delicious food points suiting every pocket having food of all taste and types.

From by – lanes of old Delhi to swanky localities of the metropolitan all are swarming with multi cuisine restaurants to Thai restaurants and even Italian restaurants. From Chinese restaurants to vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants, all are scattered in this city with their classiness!
Among these eateries, if you ask a Delhi-ite to choose a best place of eating which will have a taste of Delhi, he will undoubtedly point to the Old Delhi location which is flooded with affordable restaurants. And moreover they are abounding with some lip smacking mouth watering delicacies which have been there for generations. Though, with the western influence, the town abounds in many branded restaurant chains too like Wimpy’s, McDonalds, Pizza Huts, Pizza Express and TGIFs. These chains found their places inside the city – people; especially youngsters love to hang around these places.


Apart form the small eateries and bistros, Delhi houses some big and elegant restaurants and hotels in its vicinity.

Some of the top of five and four star series have bars and restaurants in their premises. These are the places which regularly demonstrate expert cooking with themed food festivals. Their coffee shops are surprisingly quite affordable and the buffet is worth the splurge.  And nothing to say about the ambience of these places which is filled with world class crowd!
Along with the local residents, anyone can experience the great Indian cooking here. Not only is famous for its local offerings but also equally celebrated for the kitchen from across the globe. Come, and sink your teeth into delectable dishes, deserts and platters full with food of all types and taste from around the globe!   

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