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The Louisville Dining Diva gets Degustified at Asiatique

Posted on | September 5, 2011 | Comments Off on The Louisville Dining Diva gets Degustified at Asiatique

Hey there…Ho there.. Divanettes and Divanados! It’s just post St. Patrick’s Day and the Diva is gearing up for her trip to Ireland! Yep, that’s right…I am heading over to the Emerald Isle to sample a little cuisine, meet lots o’ people, and kick back for a much needed and well deserved VACATION!

In the meantime…I’m curious, Have you ever watched the show Iron Chef on the Food Channel Network and we’re mystified at the varied and delicious looking courses served up to the judges? Were you like me and a bit jealous you couldn’t go into your favorite Louisville Restaurant and have a little bit of EVERYTHING on the menu??

Well say no more, The Diva did exactly and then some with something called a Degustation Menu. A degustation meal is a medley of courses served for tasting by chefs to show off their culinary expertise. In my humble opinion, no one does this better than Chef Peng Looi at .

You wouldn’t guess it now with its inviting contemporary Zen like design, but at one time, ASIATIQUE used to share its location with four different businesses and an apartment, to boot! With multi-level dining rooms and a gorgeous outdoor deck, ASIATIQUE blissfully balances your most intimate settings to hip gatherings with even flow.

Now, let’s get down to the good stuff…What says Louisville more than The Fleur de Lis? In a glass, no less?? This is where my journey began…Pear infused Calvados Brandy, Limoncello, and Elderflower liquor. Light and fruity with a delicate lingering perfume of Elderflower in your mouth; the kind of cocktail that can take your knees out after a couple…gently, of course!


Just as I was settling into my warm and fuzzy place, out came Jessica with our salads. Hydroponic greens, one lightly tossed in a Hoisin truffle vinaigrette topped with beef satay and the other with scallops in a ginger soy vinaigrette and seared fennel.

The owners and head chef make their rounds in the dining room frequently. When I asked Pabs S. Sembillo why they were so visible, he responded in true partner fashion, “It’s like going to a Play. I control the lighting and music…Our servers are the Actors, and if they don’t know their lines, then it doesn’t go well.” Well said Pans!

Next, we had a duet of tuna tar-tare and smoked salmon with dill dip and homemade tortilla chips. Alongside these hand-made treats were Goat Cheese Crab Meat Spring-rolls with Miso Aioli and a Shrimp with Pork Spring roll with sweet chili and basil jam. Have you reached “Umami” yet? You will be…we’re just getting started! 

“The Study of Tuna”…oh let’s, PLEASE!

Triple crusted tar tare, capers, warm ponzu, garlic flakes, topped with crispy ginger and a side of asparagus in wasabi soy sauce. Hungry yet? Why not try the Panko crusted Chilean Sea Bass over wilted frisee greens? We did! On with it…

Next came the Seafood Bouillabaisse. Spicy? OMG! Salmon, calamari, scallops, tiger prawns, and New Zealand mussels in a red curry coconut cream sauce. Can you say WOW! If you’ve got a cold, try a little of this little number and it’s sure to chase it back to whence it came.

My companion dug in to his pulled Lamb shank with an espresso (yes, espresso) thyme reduction and beef short rib confit served with Indian Naan bread. It wasenough to put this Diva in a food coma….Until they brought out DESSERT!!! Oh yes….

Can one really choose between White Chocolate or Ginger Creme Brulee? Nope…We tried BOTH! Banana Lumpia, Cardamon Ice Cream, and a Belgian Truffle Chocolate Torte. Don’t drool on your keyboard, Guys!!

 For all my single Divanettes out there, the Asiatique bar area is a great place to meet up with your gal pals or have a first date. They have a cozy little lounge area for when you want to just kick back and hang with your girlies and Pans considers himself an amateur bouncer. He’ll make sure you get into a cab or back to your car safely. 

So there you have it Divanites, I can’t say enough about my dining symphony orchestrated by all the staff, Chefs, and Owner of . Get yourself down there and don’t forget to tell them the Diva sent you.

Ciao Bella,