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Review of San Diego iPhone App for Tourists and Locals!

Posted on | September 1, 2011 | Comments Off on Review of San Diego iPhone App for Tourists and Locals!

Planning a trip? Hoping to come to Southern California? San Diego is a wonderful city right along the border with beaches, golf, hotels, zoos, and great night life. There is something for the whole family!

Any modern traveler should utilize the comforts of the iPhone or any smartphone to have a trusted guide of the city with them at all times. There are several tour guide type san diego apps that are available for download. Therefore, I wanted to provide a review and breakdown of these different apps, so that you can get the most out of your upcoming trip, or if you are a local maybe you can find the perfect new “spot”!

1.) The first app we will look at provides the user with a comprehensive list of categories such as hotels, restaurants, restrooms, night life, etc., which can help narrow the search. Once a category is selected the user can look for a place by location or name. Overall, the app offers a very comprehensive list of attractions and locations that would benefit anyone trying to find something to do in SD. However, this app is very similar to yelp, but it does not provide the extensive reviews like yelp. I would therefore recommend that you stay away from this app and use yelp for its similar features.


– Price: Free

2.) San Diego Essential Guide- This app is definitely the best out the group. It was designed by a travel journalist that lives in Southern California. Therefore, the author used her familiarity with the city and knowledge of the field to put together a great San Diego app. The Essential Guide offers users a list of over 150 spots or activities that can then be sorted by location, type or name. The list highlights broad areas for tourists, but also points out some unique places such as a speakeasy in the gaslamp for locals. Overall, this app had wonderful pictures, ideas and locations.

– Price: .99

3.) San Diego Travel Guide- The final app is probably the worse resource out of the three because it attempts to do a little bit of both by providing categories and locations. However, the descriptions are pretty weak and nothing out of the usual is highlighted for tourists or locals.

– Price .99


I hope that this review helps you find the perfect San Diego app guide for getting to know the city better or for planning your trip. It is essential today to utilize the power of the smartphone to help any city navigator find their way around town!