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Indian Restaurants in Croydon

Posted on | August 30, 2011 | Comments Off on Indian Restaurants in Croydon

Article by Muzzy Izzet

Croydon, one of UK’s multi social cities is an thrilling place to stay with individuals from all cultures and socities employed and living here Along with this, it is known for its diversity in culinary art which is every single person’s ideal. Indian restaurants in Croydon are many and the choice and the culinary art styles are authentic and a popular choice for an evening out for all people. There are plenty of selections for those who experiment in their culinary tastes and looking to get a taste of Indian culinary art and spices through trying out some of the tantalizing choice of food served here.

Lovers of Indian gourmet, will particularly enjoy one south Indian hotspot for all dishes, getting it to you here is the banana leaf restaurant.Most of all its curries and the food here are made fresh with unbelievable variety of choice in the menu. What’s more there are plenty of options here for vegans, with their food being well cooked with just the right seasoning and spices without overdoing the chilli or the masala. With excellent service and pricing it is a must go for every food lover. It has been specially recommended by both the Cobra Good curry Guide and also Harden’s restaurant guide. Located on lower Addiscombe road, it is a feather in the cap to south Indian cuisine!

Croydon provides to all Indian cuisine fans, yet another feather in its hat with UK’s Taj Mahal restaurant contributing its best in its culinary art. The menu offersa lot of favorites like Biriani, Tandoori dishes, curry dishes, Shahi dishes, madras curry dishes, Jalfrezi and rich desserts as well, if you want to try out some royal Indian cuisine and are looking for a good Indian restaurant in Croydon, this is your place to visit and it will not disappoint you at all!

One of the best Indian restaurants in Croydon is no doubt the Khyber restaurant, begun by Khalique family in 1978 providing food that will make your senses float with its many flavors and seasoning. It offers a huge assortment of Hyderabadi and north Indian cuisine at its finest with each serve transporting you to the very shores of India as it tells its own delicious tales through the pure flavours and colors.

Other nice restaurant which promises a glimpse of India in its every bite is the very aptly names Mirch Masala, one of the fundamental spices in any and every Indian curry. It has been an award winning restaurant a number of times with one of the recent awards given, raising it to the top 100 restaurants of UK in the evening standard. This restaurant offers best dishes form India with just the right measure fo spices and is a must try amongst Restaurants Croydon.