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Useful Applications For Your Blackberry Smart Phone

Posted on | August 26, 2011 | Comments Off on Useful Applications For Your Blackberry Smart Phone

My Black Berry smart phone has basically become the best gadget I have ever bought. Not only does it automatically have a GPS navigation system. But it has tons by tons of free useful applications for the phone, keeping me in touch with all my friends on any social network.  Listed below are my top five applications on my BlackBerry Smart phone.

Uber Twitter

As a Freelance writer who is always on the go, the uber twitter application on my black berry phone is a great to stay informed. The uber twitter application not only keeps me informed to write about things you want to know, it also lets me stay in touch with family and friends who have a account, it also allows me to make new friends and network with other people in my profession all over the world.

Privacy Star

Love this application, because I am a freelance writer always on the go, my phone is my life, and privacy star is great to block unwanted calls.


The where application is great for local happing’s where ever you are, sets all area hotels, free coupons, restaurant guide, great app to have on your phone.

Calorie Counter by Fat Secret

This application is a definite must for all who want to maintain their weight or lose weight. With the daily log to keep track of you progress; along with all major restaurant and grocery store food count calories, it’s a wonder app.


For those of us who don’t have an Ipod, Pandora is the next best reliable app for your black berry; you can still create and choose your stations on the mobile app.