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Camden Job Guide: The Best Careers In Camden, New Jersey

Posted on | August 4, 2011 | Comments Off on Camden Job Guide: The Best Careers In Camden, New Jersey

Although in the state of New Jersey, Camden is close to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and many people living in Camden commute to Philadelphia for work.  Camden itself usually has a high unemployment rate, but there are some careers that are promising in the city. 

The Service Industry.  Although not a hot tourist destination spot, Camden does have enough restaurants and hotels to keep people employed.  There are a wide variety of service jobs, ranging from entry-level to managers.  Busboys and custodians may not need any experience at all, while businesses generally prefer servers and receptionists to have some experience.  Managers generally either work their way up the industry or have management experience in another field.  Some careers in the service industry involve tips, which must be reported to the IRS.
Sales.  Retail sales make up a large part of the careers in Camden, New Jersey.  Salespeople may be paid hourly or on commission.  A person working in sales may work in a store environment or work by phone in an office.  Some people love the experience of working in sales and interacting with other people, while others find it extremely stressful.
Trucking.  Camden is located near a busy shipping port.  When goods come into port, they need to be shipped around the country, and truckers are the main way of doing so.  Truckers must be able to spend long stretches of time alone and stay alert on the road.  Some truckers stay local while others do “long-haul trucking” to faraway cities.  Truckers may work for themselves or for a larger trucking company.
Factory Workers.  Although some people would not consider this a “career,” many people do in fact work in a factory for all or most of their working lives.  Camden, NJ is the home to the Campbell’s Soup headquarters, and located near many other manufacturing plants.  Factory jobs used to be much more stable but as automation is becoming the norm, many factory workers are losing their jobs.  This can be especially hard on older workers who may not have developed many other marketable skills.

As with many other cities in the United States in recent years, Camden has a very high unemployment rate and has seen a significant decline in job growth.  Residents of Camden may actually do well to try to find employment in Philadelphia if they are not able to find employment in their own city.

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