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Restaurants in New York

Posted on | July 23, 2011 | Comments Off on Restaurants in New York

Article by Samuel

The real culinary problem in New York is a matter of supply. New York offers a restaurant sitting at the edge of the culinary elite pyramid, but which you can read any guide book for two dollars. Besides we are very, very, against pricing of $ 25 per tentacle Japanese chef’s restaurant. So we went around the planet culinary tour of New York, to return with recommendations on a good and popular food prices, digestible. We chose six good restaurants + breakfast two equal recommendations. We left nearly 200 other tempting offers on the table.

Good morning start: La BergamoteThere is no right way to start the morning in New York than a visit to ‘La Bergamote’.We would say you get a paper and sit for two hours – three Parisiennes, but the problem in ‘La Bergamote’ is that if linger there longer than two minutes into the labyrinth cakes – croissants , inextricable. Our recommendation: Order a coffee and croissant butter with almonds and move out.

»Price per person: $ 6 (unless you insist to sit down and start with quiches and finish with dessert)

»La Bergamote – Address: 169 9th Ave, NYC 10 011

To Suck from Dumpling:Once you have finished a walk downtown and their high amount of old coins cents on Sammy – authentic Louis Vuitton, citrus mid Pell Street Chinatown. A Street, without competition, with the largest number of salons restaurants per square meter, most of them are only windows that covers activity that is less maintained taking place in the back rooms. At number nine and a half (do not ask about the half) is Joe’s Shanghai Restaurant.In the evening you’ll have to wait a bit on the sidewalk until he has a vacant table, and then likely you will need to share it with other diners. But it will forget the moment when you get the bamboo bowl containing six Dumplings. Pick one of them carefully on the spoon, give him a little twinge, you will begin to suck the soup out of Dumplings and soon you will understand why it is difficult for infants to disengage.

»Price per person: $ 20.

»Joe’s Shanghai – Address: Pell St.9, NYC 10013

Hdmfling most wonderful city.

Sushi Boutique: Tomoe SushiThis station also have to stand in line, one line of the window from which are reflected in the tables full of everything a good boutique sushi ‘ Tomoe ‘.Warning: standing in line in front of and insistence on excellence portions of the diners are not taken into account as you can get a bit violent reactions (Bring munchies).But ‘ Tomoe ‘ is worth the wait. You can not miss the invitation, but you insist to get the menu entrees. The first real diamonds are so divine and Toro tuna to sea bass and salmon service, buried within this rectangular plastic cover. As a restaurant that respects the sushi industry, Tomoe closed Monday because of the fear of the owner from purchasing ‘fresh’ fish after the weekend.

»Price per person: $ 35, if you can help it.»Tomoe Sushi – Address: Thompson St. 172, NYC, 10 012

Huoiatmanit north: Saigon GrillWe really wanted to write here about ‘La Rosita’, the Cuban restaurant near Columbia University,Where professors flirting shamelessly with students on a huge plate of yellow turmeric rice and meat for two days trying to escape his gravy off. Where the soundtrack and the waiters and the home atmosphere made you want and start a coup (the digestive system to absorb the black beans).But it turns out that ‘La Rosita’ was the victim of real estate prices.

Never mind. Take a cab five and you get one of the cornerstones of the Upper West Side, ‘Saigon Grill’ restaurant and excellent Huoiatmanit corner. Here, too, almost hard to mistake the menu, and here and try not to jump almost every dish entrees, especially the shrimp comes out for deep frying and immediately wrapped in sugar cane (Chao Tom).

»Price per person: $ 15

»Saigon Grill – Address: Amsterdam Ave. 620, (At 90th St) NYC, 10024

Hard to be disappointed. Saigon Grill

Indian Light: Jackson DinerSome people say you have a trip to New York without climbing the heights Hamfiirsteit Building is not a trip, others are convinced you have to see first hand the Wall Street or the Statue of Liberty. We’re here to explain to you that visiting New York without getting on a train number seven is not a trip. Just like that, take it from Times Square and go to the rest of the world with stops in China and Korea, Israel and Mexico, Greece and Italy, each station and its immigrants.

After riding and half get off at Jackson Heights and get the India forward. The intoxicating smell, the cinema showing the latest in Bollywood, Spice shops and stores of gold, one after another. India is easy, a bit cooler and less crowded and stuffy, But Hkrnivoriut Diner ‘India will get the most authentic in the world. Buffet of ten trays can pour and pour them, pay ten dollars, and understand that if there is a God in the world, is sure to do the laundry Ganges.

»Price per person: $ 15

»Jackson Diner – Address: 74th St.37-47, Jackson Heights, NYC 11372

I breathed in traffic: Daisy May’s BBQAs close to the Hudson, between strip clubs, garages and hardware stores, one is hiding from us the food of New York.’Daisy Mae BBQ’ brings the Southern United States Big Apple. Daisy May’s is worth visiting mainly in the afternoon to see the wonders of New York’s thousands of cars trying to squeeze eight lanes to two lanes of the Lincoln Tunnel, and the blind faith of a long horn drivers that really move the cork. See it with Beep Briskt sandwich in hand, or with ribs and alongside creamed corn, mashed potatoes or peaches in bourbon, this is one of the best shows in town.

»Price per person: $ 10

»Daisy May’s BBQ – Address: 1th Ave. 623, NYC 10 036

Pearl Lkrnivorit. Daisy Mae BBQ (Photo: Slippy Slappy, Flickr)

Barbecue Korean: Woo Lae OakMissing for about – fire? Get down to Soho, and look for the Hall ‘Leigh W. Oak.’ Even this Korean restaurant appetizing first course, But this time you actually recommend going straight to the meat and fish dishes, order a filet mignon, some shrimp, shitake mushrooms, Duck breast and salmon fillet, then remove the lid from the small grill in the center of the table and grill until they tired, stop your hand.

»Price per person: $ 50

»Woo Lae Oak – Articles: Mercer St. 148, NYC 10 012

The Last Supper: Blue Ribbon BakeryEvery Sunday, more than ten years, starting brunch shift manager of ‘Lord Baker Blue’, his shift at eleven with the soundtrack of ‘The Godfather’. This is the most proper time to arrive. Then you’ll have to wait an hour in line (revelers: It is recommended to get right After Party).Lord Blue Book ‘will give you an authentic experience of New York-style brunch most types of New Yorkers in the middle of Greenwich Village.

First of all breads; not give up on bread baked in and insist to receive the bread with the addition of red paprika. Then the main courses just choose what you want to shut your heart bypass: a great French toast and rich dish of eggs Benedict with bacon and mushrooms or chorizo ??and onions swimming in a sauce of butter and wine. After this course, you will not get another splinter of the croissant here until Monday, even if the Marlon Brando himself will try to force them at gunpoint.