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Orange County Resort Hotel – Coorg, India

Posted on | July 22, 2011 | 31 Comments

The enchanting Orange County -Coorg(Karnataka,India) is set amidst the cool coffee plantations and borders on to the Dubare forest range..I have never seen a place that is as relaxing and refreshing and rejuvenating as this.It was sheer bliss staying for a weekend at Orange County.
I was just not prepared to see something as stunning as the resort.It is spread over an area of 50 acres of cultivated land and 300 acres of coffee plantation and paddy fields , a lake and the River Cauvery flowing by the side.It is magical.The only sound one gets to hear is the birds chirping and the crickets and the sound of the rain…
We went on a 3 night 4 day package which included all meals starting from lunch on day one to breakfast on day four..
When we checked in we were asked to park our vehicle at the car park located at the entrance, after which we were taken with our luggage to our cottage on a buggy, the only vehicle that is allowed into the resort and the platation around it. So one gets to do a lot of walking through all those lovely winding roads and paths after those hearty meals served at the resort.

The package included a Spice walk through the entire plantation with a guide who introduced us to all the exotic plants grown around there.There are some lovely species growing around the resort like wild orchids and various varieties of attractive tropical flowers and of course various spices like Cardamoms, pepper, cinnamon, beetle nut and coffee…They have some rare trees like the mulberry on which the silk worms are bred, and a lot of herbs and medicinal plants used in Ayurveda.All of us thoroughly enjoyed this very educative walk which took about 3 hours in the afternoon after lunch.

The package also included a Jungle walk through the Dubare forest range where we were taken for a trek of 8 kilometres into the wild jungle and we got to see some spotted deers, an Elephant family bathing in a stream and even a huge Cobra. The guide is very efficient and well trained to act in an emergency if one arises.The only drawback was the leeches, they manage to somehow leave their mark on any part of the human body that is exposed… we had tried everything , like applying dettol on the exposed parts and carrying a recommended herbal cream, but nothing seemed to deter them..

The food here is another thing worth a special mention.It was superb and in a great variety.Excellent and beautifully served in all the restaurants..The coffee shop overlooking the paddy fields with its comfortable seats and a collection of a variety of reading material was our favorite haunt especially when it rained!! it was sheer bliss having a hot cup of coffee and watch the rain from the verandah…

Facilities provided here

Other than the usual facilities like a Swimming pool, actually 2 pools here and a Multicuisine restaurant by the swimming pool, a vegetarian restaurant called Plantain Leaf and a Non Vegetarian restaurant ‘The Pepper corn’ , there is an Ayurvedic village housed in a traditional Kodava house, complete with all kinds of treatments like ‘Panchakarma’ which means a five fold treatment for mental and Physical well being
‘Abhyanga’ – a body massage with medicated oil
Shirodara -A continuous stream of oil, herbal decoctions and medicated milk poured over the forehead…
and many other such treatments along with facials and Keshini, a hair treatment using ayurvedic herbs…

About the Accomadation

The accomadation come in Tudor style cottages and Private pool villas.. extremely comfortable and airconditioned with a spik and span bathroom and evrything that is needed including moisturiser , shampoos,Ayurvedic oil and creams and an umbrella to be used as it rains right through the year, which is part of its charm.. excellent room service and other facilities.I was totally impressed by this.

There is The peppercorn, an exclusive Kebab and sizzler restaurant, which seem to be the favorite haunt of most guests..we were at this place for most of our meals except the breakfast which we used to have at Plantain leaf…

I would definitely want to go back to this place for a longer stay if possible sometime in the near future..
The package for 2 cost us Rs 35,000 inclusive of taxes which in my opinion is fantastic for the kind of holiday we had…

Orange County resorts
Karadigodu post,Siddapura
Tel: 91(o)8274 258 481/2/3/4/6

{Coorg is a district in Karnataka state situated about 250 kms from Bangalore, the state capital.Kodavas are the native warrior people of Coorg.According to one theory ,they are the descendants of the soldiers of Alexander the Great, who invaded India in 327BC.}

Summary: Definitely not to be missed