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Boston Travel Guide

Posted on | July 20, 2011 | Comments Off on Boston Travel Guide

Article by Muhammad Suhail

Boston maybe only a state capital in United States of America but is still one of the most significantly rich and authoritative in a number of issues. It also has a rich history and culture to boast of as opposed to a number of cities of America.


Boston Logon International Airport is the most convenient way to access Boston. Train service is also in a fairly good condition and can be utilized to reach Boston if your budget does not allow air travel. There are innumerable options like bus services, boat services and road travel through a private car, available for you to choose from. For traveling inside the city, walking is the best option to keep the trip affordable and most pleasurable. You can choose to view all the historic and beautiful sites and have fun in a considerable less amount of cost. Public transits, bus or subways are also practical alternatives you can make use of.


The quality of the seafood available in Boston is far superior to other cities in the state. There is a diverse range of ethnic restaurants that mainly cater to a specific clientele, but you can try all of them if you love eating that much. There is no dearth of Italian eateries; in fact there is a plethora of options. You can choose any good Italian restaurant you wish to dine in. Restaurants usually close before midnight in respect to the peace and quiet historic culture of Boston. Changing this way of life will be staunchly opposed to that has not been attempted.


Irrespective of the peace and quiet lovers in Boston, Boston is still known for its over-active night life, partying and too much drinking. People of Boston live as if there will be no tomorrow so they party every night and to the fullest of their abilities. Celebrations are always happening in Boston, so if you are a nighttime lover by preference, then Bostonians would surely love your partyholic nature. College students, businessmen and sports freaks, are all extremes when it comes to partying away every night.


Patriot’s Day/Boston Marathon is an internationally famous marathon that takes place every year in Boston on third Monday of April. The fourth of July which is the independence day of Boston is celebrated with astronomical vigor and liveliness. It’s one of the major events of Boston and is famous for its spirited activities. The Feast of St. Anthony is one of the biggest feast events, which is usually held in late August. It includes food sellers, games, music, dance, and also a parade on the famous street of Hanover.


Professional sports teams of Boston are not only loved internationally but also extraordinarily famous nationally. Visit the world’s oldest baseball stadium which is being used to this date by your favorite players. Fenway Park, Gillete stadium (football stadium) and TD Garden are the famous areas of sports that cater to baseball, basketball and also football events. Visit them to get a feel of the sportiness in Boston.