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How to Open an Ancient Greek Restaurant

Posted on | July 19, 2011 | 1 Comment

The revival of the ancient Greek cuisine took flesh in the heart of Athens, in a privately owned space of 2.000 square metres, in 1998, when the first “Archaion Gefsis” restaurant was inaugurated.

This came as a result of a long term research which was carried out by a group of people with rare specializations, under the guidance of the inspirator of this whole idea, Mr. Giannis Adamis, the famous restaurateur and owner of “Beer Academy” chain restaurants which  at the time counted and branches.

Success and acceptance was immediate. People were amazed at the tastiness and ingenuity of this “new” cuisine as well as the way it was presented.

It wasn’t long since the Greek Media started “bombing” Mr. Giannis Adamis with tribute-documentaries and interviews in which the dominant question was how he had managed to discover such a cuisine after 25 centuries had passed.

This “bombing” was even more massive in the international press and media in which – as it is widely known – the ancient Greek culture is greatly appreciated.

Esteemed foreign papers and apprized magazines, such as the Time magazine or the Guardian newspaper, had full-page pieces on this new concept, while Mr. Adamis’s interviews travelled around the world. It seemed that the time for the ancient Greek cuisine  start a universal gastronomic revolution!

People from all over the world (London, New York, Tokio and more) became very interested in the particular concept and asked for an Archaion Gefsis restaurant to open in their country.

Finally, Dusseldorf in Germany, was to be the city where the first “foreign” Archaion Gefsis restaurant opened!

By the end of the first year already, the Archaion Gefsis restaurant had won the golden phoenix award among 2000 other restaurants. This award is

considered to be the highest eminence in the world for newly established restaurants.

Unfortunatelly, the construction research as well as the control of the restaurant in a foreign country proved to be more expensive than it was initially estimated and this resulted in the reconsideration of the current franchising system and so, a lot of people in other parts of the world who were interested in opening such a restaurant were put on hold.

If the idea of franchising – in regards to restaurants – requires a difficult and painful task of finding a proper space, appropriate personnel and the funds, then the idea of licencing – bypasses all those fundamental hindrances outlining, thus, the essence of the whole business and is easier to get accomplished.

Through this method, you get to have the company (the hotel), the room (hotel restaurant), the basic equipment (chairs, tables, electrical appliances, utensils) even the chef, the reception, the staff, computerisation and lots of other things that would otherwise cost you a fortune if you started from scratch.

What remains, in order to change everything in an instant and give the hotel services a completely different shape, is the swift modification of the hotel’s restaurant into an Archaion Gefsis restaurant when, and for as long as, the Management think it is necessery!

Big hotels’ offers can be much more appealing to groups or conventions and have a great advantage over other offers when they include a very promising ancient Greek ritualistic night.

Who wouldn’t prefer to spend a night in a specially designed art-ancient environment with unknown delicious food which was written down in an ancient 2,500 year old cookery book?

Who is to forget the moment he was Pericles served a creokakavos or an epiplous (favourite dishes of Plato and Periklis) by a therapainis (maidservant) dressed in her ancient Greek robe.

Who will not be impressed by the procedure of wine blending which is to take place right in front of his eyes like the  symposiums  times of Pericles in 5th BC and by the taste of the delicious wine with honey, while lying on an ancient Greek style sofa?

It is a given fact that hotel restaurants are willing to do anything to keep their clients satisfied.

As a matter of fact, most of the times they resort to “kitsch” or worn-out solutions that finally prove to be boring and tedious. They organise happenings which customers have already seen before or can find them anywhere.

That is where the ancient Greek night is bound to make the difference as it is undoubtedly a most original and pioneering event unlike any other well-worn happening.

A well known fact is that if five-star hotels all over the world have a 20% to 30% reduction in their restaurant business, that means that they have a loss of millions of dollars.

Just the image of a decent buffet, as rich as it might be, does not offer anything special to the much-travelled clients!

The image of an ancient Greek buffet, however, with special clay containers in which impressive ancient food will be presented with a precise report in which century and in which ancient document they were found will certainly give a different level of success when compared to the everyday, ordinary, tedious recipes.


By “package” we wish to convey the full services we provide hotels with, as for them to organize an “ancient Greek night” happening. It includes equipment and appropriate instructions on how to best organize such an event. Instructions which can be properly and accurately given solely by our team, since we own the only ancient Greek restaurant all over the world. 

Mr. Adamis has entrusted the preparation of the whole setting, the background scenery and stage-designing to one of the most famous scenery-designers in Greece, Mr. Katsikis, who has been awarded for his work in the movies “BRIDES” and «A TOUCH OF SPICE”.

After months of research for the proper ideas and suggestions to be reached, the materials which were to be used and the way those materials were to be constructed, in order to impressively transform the looks of the restaurant in no time, were finally decided.

In the meantime, a group of well-known fashion designers were making the new ancient robes which the waiters would wear, while the executive chef of the pilot-restaurant was in a state of “creativity-orgasm” enriching, thus, the already delicious recipes.

As regards the know-how and the instructions on the different way of waiting and cooking the food, they are given in a coded mode through a modern presentation in order for them to be easily understood by all waiters and chefs of each hotel.

At his point we have to mention that the trade-mark as well as the ancient Greek recipes’ names are all reserved under the name of Mr. I. Adamis in Greece (Trade Mark Committee – Ministry of Economics) as well as in the rest of the world (international committee of trade-marks and copyrights Aliente – Spain). Any attempt to copy or imitate those rights will be prosecuted by means of law.

The hotel space will be elaborated and worked out in detail through a special program in order to make any necessary changes as regards the size and the order of the scenery’s main theme with the Greek style sofas as well as the rest of the equipment in the area of the happening.

Through this way, the hotel management will be able to actually see the changes which will take place, let alone the final picture in every detail, before it happens.

Another scenery “package” is being prepared as to be set at the entrance of the restaurant and, therefore, predispose the clients on what is going to happen on that night.

The designing of the ancient menu (a specially designed papyrus which is to pompously describe the dishes in plenty of languages) is in process.

The music which is to accompany the whole event is going to be of a greatest essence as regards the ambience. And this is where the Archaion Gevsis has pioneered for once more. We have achieved to match ancient melodies to contemporary music. Other choices in music can be made according to the mood of the guests and customers but they always have to fit and add to the ritualistic ambience.

A more expensive version of this “package” is being under preparation. This version will be a dinner including exclusively Greek style.

Sofas, private service and plenty of other pioneering (even more extreme) habits the rich ancient Greeks had, accompanied by an exchange of ideas and beliefs as it is mentioned in Plato’s “Symposium of Seven Wise Men”.

In general, the planning is being extended in lots of other versions which the hotel management will be able to use freely and those versions will be fully explained in the special text-book they are to receive.


A special team of counselors have already carried out a first marketing survey which had very encouraging results.

Chief Managers of well-known hotels, for example Mr. Pelekanakis (The “Good Morning Crete” Hotel) and Dr. Kolm (The Millennium 5*) in Australia have both been very enthusiastic and have stated that they would buy this “package” as soon as it was utterly ready. Furthermore, lots of other Managers have stated that this package is something that their hotels lacked up till now and they are looking forward to the presentation we have promised them.

At the same time, the above-mentioned survey has also shown that is cruise-boats as well as successful companies that sell those kinds of events to hotels are greatly interested in our “package”. To be more precise, one of those companies, Morris Corporate, in London, could be able to promote dozens of those “packages” to hundreds of hotels all over the world since it sells similar services to the Sheraton and the Hilton Hotel. VENUE

The contract– which is elaborated by specialized law-counselors –that is to be signed by the hotel and our company, will provide the hotel with the right to use the idea of the ancient Greek cuisine and the ancient Greek night happenings for one year as many times as the hotel management wishes, after the hotel management has already paid a specific amount of money, of course. Then, if the hotel management wishes to preserve that right for more than one year, it will have to pay an extra amount of money on an annual basis in a way of “Royalties”.


When the planning is accomplished, the three pilot “packages” will be prepared. Those will be: the economical package, the classic package and the extreme package with the according provisions (Greek style sofas – settings – utensils – uniforms etc.)

A film-making company will be hired to film the whole concept and its three variations in full progress and under real conditions by renting a big luxurious hotel restaurant.

The DVD will be enriched with animations as well, which will visually take us back in ancient Greece and, thanks to the latest technology “fit stick”, the spectator will click on any detail he wishes to focus on and, then, new chapters that will answer any query he might have, as regards the space-adaptation of the package, will be accessed.

Moreover, a person from our company will visit the hotel on the first day the package is launched in order to supervise and guide any activities. This DVD will constitute the main factor to convince our prospective customers on how useful and lucrative our package can prove to be for them.


The potential clients of this idea are innumerable. Just like hotels all over the world are innumerable.

Moreover, if this idea proves to be as lucrative as we have estimated it to be, then its rumour will get widely and directly spread.

The basic cost of this type of investment lies mostly in the initial stages of the idea (regarding the creation and the presentation of the package) and, at the end, it is to leave us with great potential for subsequent profit.

However, the most important fact is that, it bolsters up Greece’s prestige internationally by presenting an unknown aspect of our already famous ancient culture.