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A Dating Guide in The Southern State of Kentucky, Louisville

Posted on | July 5, 2011 | Comments Off on A Dating Guide in The Southern State of Kentucky, Louisville

As the capital of the state of Kentucky and with only a population of nearly 742,000, Louisville is nonetheless a bustling metropolis with several Fortune 100 companies headquartered there. But, in spite of its skyscrapers and booming economy, the pride and wealth of Louisville (and thereby, Kentucky) is found in its people. Many singles play a grand role in the careers of many companies. Take also into account the fact that though the median age is 37, there are 3 females for every two males.

Because the heart of Louisville is their people, it produces most of the best bourbon in the USA. One third of all bourbon whiskey in the US is produced in Louisville. This is the testament to the people’s love for fun and enjoyment of life. Pretty handy too, if you can find a compatible female companion via the local dating sites community network who shares your love for bourbon.

But, please do drink in moderation. You don’t want your potential soulmate walking out on you because you fell flat on your face from being dead drunk.

Louisville loves its festivals and events. Where else can you find the famous Kentucky Derby which lasts for 2 weeks in May? If you are searching for single Kentucky beauties as potential life partners, this is the ultimate southern hot and fun event to attend. This is THE biggest party of the south with 60 different sub-events like the Pegasus Parade, the Great Steamboat Race, the Great Balloon Race, and of course the Louisville Thunder, the largest fireworks display in the whole country!

If you’re into music there are many country music festivals almost the whole year through.

One particular different music festival is the annual Beatles Festival, the Abbey Road on the River always held on Memorial Day week. Surprisingly, this music event draws many of our singles in the armed forces including veterans. This is good news for our single women in Louisville who are just as enthusiastic to find casual relationships or committed love.

Louisville also holds the Bluegrass Balloon Festival, the 5th largest hot air balloon event in the USA and is usually held in the romantic atmosphere of dawn or dusk. Just perfect if you already found a date and want to treat her to some lover’s eye candy.

Since we mentioned the people of Louisville as being the wealth of the city, you will not be disappointed in the warmth and friendliness of the people. They are so approachable and this makes your chances to meet someone special a little bit easier. Take note though: nothing beats having good manners. The average southerner can easily detect if you’re coming on too fresh and will leave you high and dry faster than you can say ‘Dixie.’

If you are really keen to meet a southern belle from Louisville, then you can get a good start by putting yourself out there using their online dating websites. That way, before you agree to meet up in Louisville, you have both more or less adjusted to each other and it’s just a matter of meeting in person to see if your online chemistry transpires to the real world.