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Restaurants in Washington DC

Posted on | July 2, 2011 | Comments Off on Restaurants in Washington DC

If you are a visitor to the Washington DC it is always safe on your part to know about some good restaurants here. Restaurants are very important because you cannot enjoy your trip in the city, if you do not get good meals to eat. The cuisine in various restaurants has changed marvelously in the few years. The restaurants that served only a typical American cuisine have added a lot to their menus and now you can get a very large range of Continental, Chinese and European dishes. With celebrity chefs on the list of some major restaurants dining in DC has become an exciting experience.
The City Zen Restaurant is an impressive place to dine, with its explicit menus, delightful orange red lightening, and beautiful luxurious halls. The place serves one of the most delicious and unique meals. The menus are constantly changing to attract more and more people.

The chefs here are experienced and skillful who never fail to please their guests. Here you find a vast range of foods and beverages.
The DC specializes in the pizzas, and its pizzas have got national recognition. The most important restaurant in this regard Pizzaria Paradiso. Its main menu is pizza which is liked by everyone including the locals and the tourists. They can also give you pizza delivery wherever you are.
The hotel Zantinya serves one of the finest Turkish, Lebanese and Greek food. It has a National Award in its credit that makes it more popular. Delicious meatballs with cinnamon and dried fruit are its specialty and are very much favorite of the Asian tourists. Apart from Zantinya, Café Atlantico and Jaleo are also much favorite hotels in DC. Jaleo is an expert in Spanish menus and serves one of the world’s best foods that are fresh, delicious and healthful. Moreover the surrounding is mesmerizing with the murals of flamenco dancers. Café Atlantico is well known for its Latin American Cuisine.
If you are fond of the sea food, and you are looking for some of the best dishes you can visit Equinox that serves one of the best sea foods in DC. The restaurant though simple in appearance is a pleasant and comfortable place to visit. The highlights of the food that are served here are lump crab cakes and Amish chicken. Barbequed Salmons also form an important part of the menu.
Hay Adams Hotel place is a nice and comfortable place where you would love to enjoy your breakfast. The glorious building of White House can be viewed from the hotel which looks best in the morning.  The cuisine is great and you can expect to find almost anything here. That you wish for.
The Michel Richard Citronelle is especially well known for its desserts. The desserts served are not only delicious in taste but also no match in their appearance. If you are a sweet lover you will be really delighted to visit the place. Other important hotels are Nathan in Wisconsin, in 1789 restaurant in George Town, and Café Milano. All of them serve crisply delicious food.