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The Very Best Diets for Dropping Pounds Fast!

Posted on | June 28, 2011 | Comments Off on The Very Best Diets for Dropping Pounds Fast!

The Best Diets for Dropping Pounds Fast

Fad diets come and go, but the best diets stick around for the long haul. It is very common to hear about fad diets not working as promised. Perhaps you have tried a few of these fad diets and found you didn’t drop the pounds the way you hoped. If you are searching for a proven way to lose weight, read on for the best diets which will offer the results you are looking for.

The Menu
One of the reasons fad diets don’t work well is that they are far too restrictive. Imagine eating nothing but grapefruit or cabbage soup for days straight. Try giving up a handful of your favorite menu items at the restaurant and see how long you can last.  Well, the good news is that the best diets don’t restrict you to a handful of foods. Instead, they guide you in basic eating principles that will help you burn calories in the most effective way possible.

The general guidelines for the best diets include a menu rich in fresh fruits and vegetables coupled with lean protein. Protein foods might include low fat dairy like milk, cheese and yogurt. It can also incorporate poultry, fish and lean meat. Whole grains are also important to include in the best diets, but sugary carbs should be avoided as much as possible. Foods high in fat should also be limited, although the occasional French fry isn’t going to send your entire diet plan into a tailspin.

The Activity
When you couple a low-calorie fare with daily exercise, you have a recipe for success. The best diets will always recommend daily aerobic activity as a part of their program. Any diet that promises rapid weight loss without exercise should be scrutinized carefully. A daily walk can work wonders; not just for your weight, but for your mental and emotional health as well. Aerobic activity is the quickest way to burn fat and boost the metabolism, but including strength training two or three times a week will tone and tighten and help the metabolism remain high.

The Supplement
For some, diet and exercise is simply not enough. That is why the best diets often include a weight loss supplement to suppress the appetite and boost the metabolism. Look for proven appetite suppressants like Hoodia and fat burners like green tea and citrus aurantium for best results. Never begin a supplement without checking with your doctor to make sure the ingredients do not interfere with current medications or chronic health concerns.

The best diets will incorporate these three components for safe, effective weight loss. If you want to drop a few pounds, check with your doctor and then get started on a regimen similar to this one. You can kiss that extra weight goodbye in no time.