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Boston- Tourist Attractions

Posted on | June 25, 2011 | Comments Off on Boston- Tourist Attractions

Fenway Park: this one of the oldest and renowned parks in the United States. Fenway Park is the Chief League Baseball Park that is a very informative spot in Boston. Fenway Park is located 2.1 miles away from the city. The pleasant ambiance of this park provides a realistic and dream like experience to the explorers. Enjoying a cool drink and watching the exciting game on an enjoyable summer night, is an inexplicable moment. That is why a number of tourists often visit to the Fenway Park.

Museum of Science: The Boston Museum of science is one of the greatest museums of world. The museum having the ancient customs for families fills cheer in hearts of kids and adults. The museum exhibits a variety of things ranging from archaeological specimens to astronomy. A newly arrived sector, meant for kids has made provisions for water play and unforgettable experiences. One must visit this place for the informatory it is! A careful analysis of various things related to science can be revealed. Information about wild life, anatomy, zoology, organic evolution, endangered and extinct species and also the enjoyable moments that one can experience, attracts millions of explorers from corners of the world. This museum has spread its publicity across the length and breadth of the world!

North End: This is a great spot to spend a lovely day with joy. North End is located 0.5 miles away from the beautiful city of Boston. This spot, having a number of restaurants and sights with historical glory, is a slice of Italy! Choice of the food in North End is really amazing. There are also many bakeries and pastries and cakes are scrumptious. North End also nurtures the masterpieces of architecture that form a major part of tourist attractions in Boston.

Yet there are a number of places that infatuates the explorers with their extreme beauty and cultural glory. Night life in Boston is also worth mentioning. Your trip to Boston will never go in vein for the joyous moments you feel by seeing the historical spots in the wonderful city of Boston. To know all the details and location information Boston travel guide will provide you all the needed information.