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How to Monitor Your Eating Routine With a Daily Eating Journal

Posted on | June 21, 2011 | Comments Off on How to Monitor Your Eating Routine With a Daily Eating Journal

Monitor your eating routine by using a daily eating journal.  This is a wonderful suggestion for anyone that is considering a new weight loss plan.   A daily eating journal can provide valuable information that can help you to be successful with your weight loss program.

It might shock you to know how much food you really consume on a daily basis.  You may not think that you are eating a lot, but the entries in your daily eating dairy may say otherwise.  However, you can start the process by following a few of the following helpful tips.

Buy a visually appealing journal.  It has to be something that you really like.  Make sure that it is very pretty and makes you feel special.  Purchase a journal in your favorite color or fabric.  Or, maybe there is something about your new journal that conjures up fond memories.  Make sure that your daily eating journal is so appealing that you will want to pick it up each and every time that you see it.  This will be the key to staying on track.

Stick a “skinny” picture of yourself on the front of your eating journal.  This will be the motivation that you need to lose weight.  Consider this your reason for losing all of those ugly pounds that you have gained over the last few months.  You want to look just like you did when you took this picture.

Monitor your daily eating routine for one week.  A week’s worth of meals and snacks will give you enough information to analyze.  Determine exactly what it is that you want to monitor during this week.  Do you want to analyze calories, sodium, sugar, carbs or fat?  Maybe you want to track your fat intake or know how much sugar is in your daily bowl of breakfast cereal.  If you can’t decide on one particular item, you can always monitor a combination of things.  No compiled information will go to waste.

Write everything that you eat down in your daily eating journal.  Put these details directly into your daily eating journal.  Don’t wait to enter this information at a later time because you may forget to do it.  Also, if you delay updating the details of your eating routine, you may not remember exactly what you ate during the day. Details have a way of getting fuzzy over time.

Make a mental note of the week’s daily events. Determine if there was anything that could have affected your eating routine. Any and all unusual events should be recorded in your daily eating journal.  There are many things such as stress or depression that can greatly affect your eating habits for the worst.  Even happy events such as holidays or birthdays can change your eating routine.  Joyful events can make you overeat.

Analyze the daily entries in your food journal.  Is there anything that stands out?  Do you see any disturbing eating patterns?  Is there anything that is shocking and that you were not aware of? This compiled information is a combination of your eating habits as wells as your emotional well being.  It will be interesting to see how each affects the other.

The information in your daily journal will tell you if you have to change or delete some of the things that you are eating on a daily basis.  When you analyze your personal eating information, you might discover disturbing eating patterns that you have to change immediately. But on the other hand, if you have seriously unhealthy habits, you probably are aware of them, but you did not want to acknowledge them.  Fortunately, you can still make the appropriate changes to your eating routine before things become unmanageable.   A daily eating journal is a great way to monitor your eating habits and make applicable adjustments if warranted.