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Get Acquainted with Houston

Posted on | June 19, 2011 | Comments Off on Get Acquainted with Houston

Article by Lisa Zapalac

Growth is a widely used term to describe Houston – and it’s happening in the Suburbs – from the South to the North – there’s an endless list of premier master-planned communities and cozy neighborhoods offering everything from affordable homes to first-time buyers to custom, upscale style. Often referred to as micro-metro’s – Houston’s developers have designed communities offering the best in top education, entertainment and social amenities.

Houston’s city government has a no-zoning commercial/residential policy and over 20 major management HUB Districts.Super 88Houston City Management has divided Houston into 88 Super Neighborhoods; the geographic breakdown of these community clusters are based on “look-alike” infrastructures, the resident’s needs and the demographic density of the local population.

Each of the Super Neighborhoods has a local council comprised of residents who meet and discuss needs, problems, risks and opportunities. The communication to City Council is a first-hand experience given through the eyes of an actual resident from that neighborhood.

Historic Neighborhoods

Houston Heights is near downtown and has an eclectic mix of standard square frame to Victorian to Craft-style Bungalow homes ranging from the low 100’s to one million plus. Young, affluent professionals have transformed the community into a vibrant, hot and trendy place to live. Residents are served by H.I.S.D. and enjoy the benefits of living close to the Theater Arts, Downtown Restaurants, Major Employment Centers, Antique stores to major shopping malls with nearby Galleria.

River Oaks is better known as the richest or most affluent neighborhood in Houston – or Texas for that matter. If you are a celebrity or high profile individual living in Houston – you probably call River Oaks home. Made up of mostly mansions on large, lusciously landscaped lawns from the high 0,000’s to several million. There are some lofts and apartment buildings in the area as it backs-up to Uptown, Kirby and Highland Village – all of which are popular, trendy and chic areas for Houston’s young, affluent population.

Idylwood another well-known historic neighborhood in Houston. Well kept bungalow’s and cottage-style homes draw new lookers and want to be residents to the charming neighborhood. Long-term residents embrace their community and ensure it’s well guarded by deed restrictions and an active community association group that meets monthly. At the tips of the community are Brays Bayou, Houston Ship Channel and one of the oldest and largest cemeteries in Houston – Forest Park Lawndale whose grounds are surrounded by beautiful trees, ponds and ducks who leisurely roam the area looking for an adventure.

Living in Houston

The fourth largest city in the nation Largest medical center in the country Home of NASA/Johnson Space Center Gulf Coast city with water sports and recreation Largest import/export city in the U.S. Listed by Forbes Magazine as the best place to live

PopulationPopulation are approximately 2.2 million people in the Houston MSA. The average age of a Houston adult is 32.2 years, which younger than the national average.

Houston has a diverse ethnic population

White 49.3% African American 25.3% Asian 5.3% Hispanic/Latino 37.4%

In addition to the ethnic population, Houston’s ethnic population are also professional business owners. Out of the 187,124 businesses in Houston, 11.3% are owned by African American’s, 22.3% are Hispanic/Latino owned, 8.5% are Asian owned firms and 27.6% are women owned firms.

Not only does Houston have a young population, persons living here generally speak more than one language at home, have a bachelor’s degree or higher and 45.5% are homeowners.