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How to Find Local Restaurants and Services Using Bing.

Posted on | February 27, 2011 | Comments Off on How to Find Local Restaurants and Services Using Bing.

Bing makes it rather simple to refine your Internet search queries, so that you can find restaurants and services local to where you live, or where you are travelling to.  This service is only working in the United States at the moment, as the service is not yet available for other countries, Canada included.  But you can search for any American city, no matter where you live, or where you are at the moment.  From Bing’s main page, select the “Preferences” link at the top, right-hand corner of the page, then select the city, town or village that you live in, that you are travelling to, or that you are interested in.  The Bing Local Listing Center’s listings from the city that you select will have the search results for what you are looking for, in order of relativity and closeness to your selected city, as well as their location(s) on the map.  With averages in the millions for basic search returns, even when you enter the city in your Bing local search querie, it is a great service to have local listings returned first.

Bing’s search engine, when used with the city selected using “Preferences”, is a free service that runs in partnership with the Bing Local Listing service, where restaurants and services can post free ads, list their wares or services and hours of operation, and have their businesses shown on the map.  Any searches performed, until the city is changed, will initially focus on returns from that city, then the next closest, and so on.

Searching for local restaurants and services using Bing has a strong advantage over many other search engines.  Local businesses and services who post their businesses and/or services on the Bing Local Listing Center are listed first in your Bing search results, even over the sites that pay for optimum placements (advertisers excluded).  Once set up, simply type the kind of service, name of restaurant or service, or type of food you want to eat (seafood, Thai, Chinese, Italian, etc.), and Bing will return the most likely businesses first, with map locations (if the business posted their map locations).

After the Bing Local Listings are posted on your search results, the normal mixture of listings will appear.  If your service or restaurant is not listed under the Bing Local Listing service, the usual returns would have to be perused to find your specifically searched business.  So, use Bing, select the city that you live in or are visiting, and get some of the most relevant returns on the web today!

For businesses, add your business information, locations and hours of operation, along with a placement on Google Earth, allowing a wealth of possibly new customers to see all of your locations on a map.  The users can then simply click on the location on the map that they are interested in, and your business(es) at and/or near that location is shown.

Although there is no direct link to the local guides from the Bing main page, search for “Bing Local Listing” in the Bing search box, and select the return that matches the search parameters perfectly.  Register by selecting “Log into your Windows Live ID account”, where you can either log in with your existing log-in information for Windows Live ID, or sign up for a personal Windows Live ID account.  Once registered with Windows Live ID, simply select the “Add new listing” link to add your business or service to the Bing Local Listings Center.