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Cincinnati Home

Posted on | December 26, 2010 | Comments Off on Cincinnati Home

Cincinnati, Ohio has the reputation for being a nice smaller sized Midwestern city with friendly people who have strong values for raising their families a certain way. Like most metropolitan areas, Cincinnati has some communities that have been around as long as the city was founded and others that have become part of the suburban sprawl of the last two decades. This article will talk about some of the best towns to live in if you have children, whether it is a huge horse estate in Indian Hill or Cincinnati rental apartments or apartments in funky Hyde Park. These towns are considered the best to raise a family for the good school districts, the lower crime rates and other family friendly factors.


For those people that have unlimited funds and want to live in the wealthiest town in southern Ohio, that would be Indian Hill. It is a beautiful community with large estates placed on even larger properties.

Most of the homes in Indian Hill have at least a tennis court or a pool but usually both. Many well known people that are from Cincinnati like astronaut John Glenn and singer peter Frampton call Indian Hill home. So, if you have millions to spend on a home, this is the right place to do it.


Two other great towns for families are located near one another and they are Mariemont and Madeira. They both have outstanding school systems with some of the highest academic achievements in the state. Mariemont has a charming town square and was the first planned community in the state of Ohio. The architecture there is Swiss and German style and generations return to raise their families there. Madeira has a nice downtown as well with some nice shops and restaurant options and is located closest to the nicest shopping mall in southern Ohio. The cost of living in these two towns is higher than most in Cincinnati but comparable to one another.


A great neighborhood and town that is located closest to downtown Cincinnati is called Hyde Park. The people that reside in Hyde Park are more diverse with a lot of recent college grads living here in large rental homes as well as retired professors from university of Cincinnati and a lot of families too. This feeds into the Cincinnati Public school system which is not great so another option like Clark Montessori or a private school is usually what parents in Hyde Park do. Some of the best boutiques and restaurants are in Hyde Park.


Mason, Ohio is farther out from downtown Cincinnati Maids and is considered a newer suburb that has exploded in size over the last decade. The thing that a lot of people like is that the homes are newer as well as the schools and other facilities and they cost less than an older home closer to downtown. Mason High School is the one of the biggest in the state of Ohio with close to 3500 students but has a very good reputation.