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A Guide To Finding A Liability Lawyer

Posted on | December 17, 2010 | Comments Off on A Guide To Finding A Liability Lawyer

Article by Chicago Liability Attorney

The chances are that any person who owns a business in the Chicago area is going to require the services of a liability attorney someday. As there are different types of liability, naturally the first step to choosing an attorney is to determine which type of liability you will require. The two most common types you might require are: Chicago product liability attorney and Chicago premises liability attorney.

A product liability attorney should usually be sought out in a case where someone has been injured as a direct result of a poorly designed product, or when a product has been misrepresented. For example, in 1994 there was a case in which a 79-year old woman sued the McDonald’s corporation because the coffee she purchased at a local McDonald’s restaurant was so hot that when she accidently spilled it in her lap, it caused third-degree burns which resulted in the need for skin grafting. McDonald’s lost this case because their coffee did not contain a warning on the cup stating that the coffee was hot and could cause burns.

A good Chicago product liability attorney can help you to design your packaging to include any necessary warnings in order to head off any potential liability that could arise from poorly labeled product packages.

A Chicago premises liability attorney will normally work with cases that arise due to a customer being injured on the premises of the business. In order to minimize the liability of the business owner, this attorney can help to ensure that certain items are posted in a clearly visible manner, such as wet floor, caution signs in a spill area that is awaiting or just been cleaned up.

Despite everyone’s best efforts, there will still be instances when the services of a Chicago liability attorneywill be needed. One can be found through recommendations of fellow business owners, searching the yellow pages of the phone book, or by searching online. Use keywords that include the type of liability attorney you are looking for to narrow the search.