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Restaurant City for Facebook Guide: Tips, Tricks, Hints, and FAQ

Posted on | November 29, 2010 | Comments Off on Restaurant City for Facebook Guide: Tips, Tricks, Hints, and FAQ

Restaurant City, a restaurant-based game for Facebook, lets players build and manage their own eatery. In the game, your goal is the keep customers satisfied and earn lots of coins. This Restaurant City guide is full of tips and tricks to help you become the best digital entrepreneur on Facebook.

Your restaurant is where you will spend most of your time while playing Restaurant City. As you progress through the game, your restaurant will get larger and you will be able to take on more employees and customers. In addition to earning cash for each meal that you serve, you will also have the opportunity to earn gourmet points and increase your customer satisfaction rating. Gourmet points allow you to increase your level. Click on the gourmet point bar in the middle of your screen to see how many points you need for the next level and what bonus you will receive.

Tip – When you leave the game, you will still earn cash for the customers that you serve while you are away. Your restaurant satisfaction rating will also adjust. However, you will only be able to receive gourmet points when you are playing the game. Instead of closing out your browser when you walk away from your computer, minimize it and let your gourmet points continue to accumulate.

Ingredients and the Menu

Without the proper ingredients, you will not be able to serve dishes to your customers. There are many ways to collect ingredients in Restaurant City. Check out this article for the best tips to purchase, trade, and acquire ingredients for free.

Once you have collected a bunch of ingredients, check out your menu by clicking on the change menu button. Here you will find a list of starters, main dishes, desserts, and drinks available for you to unlock. You will also see your inventory of collected ingredients. Once you have collected the ingredients required to learn a recipe, you can add it to your available menu items by clicking on the learn button. When you are just starting out, you will only be able to select one dish from each category. During later levels, you will be able to select multiple dishes.

Tip – Once you have learned how to make a certain recipe, your mastery of the dish will show level one. You can increase your level (up to level 10) by collecting the required ingredients again and clicking on the level up button. Higher level dishes will earn more gourmet points per dish.

Restaurant City Customers

Your Restaurant City customers are the primary source of your income and gourmet points. For this reason, you should take their satisfaction very seriously. There is much more to satisfying your customers than just serving them meals. To be the best you must employ some sort of strategy. Check out this article on how to understand and satisfy your customers.

Tip – The way that your restaurant is set up will greatly increase your performance during the game. Try and decrease the time that your workers spend traveling from the stove to the customer’s table by moving all of your tables as close to the cooking area as possible. Check out this article for more tips on how to streamline performace by reorganizing your restaurant.

Managing your Employees

Your employees are the driving force of your business. They prepared the food, serve the customers, and keep the restaurant clean. Your employees each have a health meter. As their health deteriorates, they begin to work slower. For this reason, you should keep their health as high as possible. From full health, your workers will operate on their own until they crash on the floor from exhaustion. There are two ways to refill their health. You can either let them sleep (which removes them from the restaurant until you take them out of sleep mode) or buy them a drink or snack.

Tip – Even when your employees have crashed from exhaustion, customers will still continue to enter the restaurant. If there is no one there to serve them, they will leave dissatisfied. Since your workers are only good for about 3 hours from full health, your restaurant rating can be damaged dramatically while you are sleeping. Before you go to bed, enter the decorate menu and drag your mailbox in front of the door. This will prevent all customers from entering the restaurant.

Restaurant City Friends

When you start playing Restaurant City, your friends who already play the game are automatically added to your friend list. When you visit their restaurant for the first time, you will receive a free food item. You can also visit them to trade ingredients or clean up trash for extra cash.

Tip – Check your friend list often for new additions. Since new players are added to your friends list automatically, you may not know when one of your Facebook friends adds the app. This way, you can make your first-time visit and cash in on the free ingredient.

Restaurant City for Facebook can be a fun and challenging game. Whether your goal is to create a hopping burger joint or ritzy establishment, it is important to better understand how the game operates. Hopefully, this guide has helped to answer any questions and provides you with the tools to master the restaurant world.