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Fun Places to Eat in Philly

Posted on | October 3, 2010 | Comments Off on Fun Places to Eat in Philly

Article by Kyle Almero, B.S.N.-R.N.

IntroductionThe City of Philadelphia, located in the State of Pennsylvania, is known as The City of Brotherly Love or simply Philly. It is not just known as one of the most populous cities in the United States but it is also known because of its highly recognized restaurants offering one-of-a-kind cuisines like Tastykake, scrapples, hoagies, and the known cheese steaks. Because of its high-end restaurants, people in Philly are able to enjoy different preparations both local and international.

Morimoto RestaurantMorimoto Restaurant, owned by Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, is a casual elegant style of dining known worldwide because of its unique blend of Japanese cuisines. It offers traditional dishes like sushi but with a mix of modern style of cooking. Morimoto Restaurant was opened in Philadelphia in the year 2002 and because of its in demand preparations, Morimoto later on opened a new branch in New York City in the year 2006.

Le Bec-FinLocated at the heart of Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Le Bec-Fin is owned by Chef George Perrier which started in 1970s. A French term meaning “fine palate”, Le Bec-Fin is recognized as the finest French Restaurant in America by Mobil Travel Guide. In the main dining room, guests are expected to be in their business casual attire. Different menu options are available ranging from three-course menus to nine-course menus but with differing prices.

Lolita RestaurantStarted by Chef Marcie Turney, Lolita Restaurant is a 50-seater one of a kind restaurant where hipsters and office spacers can enjoy drinking their own flavour of tequila as it is a BYOT or Bring Your Own Tequila eatery. To compensate the simplicity of the wooden tables being set, tall pitchers of varied margarita mixtures line those tables. It is where Latinos and Latinas have the benefit of eating locally grown Mexican foods.

Marrakesh RestaurantUpon entering the dimly lit Marrakesh Restaurant, customers would feel as if they are in Morocco Island because of its carefully chosen theme as well as the aroma of the place. Being in the business for over thirty years already, it is known as a fine dining restaurant that caters delectable Moroccan cuisines like vegetarian dishes and a fully stocked bar where customers can enjoy different mix of beverages. Uniquely, customers can even enjoy watching belly dancers boogie upon request.

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