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A Quick Restaurant City Guide Showing How Easy it is to Make More Coins With Your Restaurant Today

Posted on | August 26, 2010 | Comments Off on A Quick Restaurant City Guide Showing How Easy it is to Make More Coins With Your Restaurant Today

Article by Creztor Tessel

Restaurant City is currently one of the most popular and widely played games on Facebook. It is played by millions of people who are all running their own restaurants with the goal of seeing who can make the most coins and dominate the game by being the top restaurant owner. Do you play restaurant city for fun or do you want to know the secrets to how top restaurant owners crush the competition and dominate the game? Beginner players make a wide variety of mistakes which only hamper your chances of becoming top restaurant owner in the game. Just one of the common mistakes that players make is the mistake of getting as many dishes as possible, when in fact if you want to win at the game you need to make coins and therefore should focus on other aspects of the game. To really bank coins, here is quick Restaurant City guide that will show which areas you need to focus on. You are about to discover the tricks to crushing your competition.

What is the best tip any new player should be aware of? The thing you should spend the bulk of your time and energy on is upgrading dishes and not learning new ones. New dishes look great, right? Who doesn’t want a restaurant with an enormous menu sporting exotic and a wide variety of different meals to order? Well, doing this is the biggest mistake anyone could make if they want to win at the game. The secret to making coins and winning lies in the level of your dish and not how many dishes you have. The higher the level of your dish, the more coins you’ll make. Dishes at the same level all make the same amount of coins, so instead focus on upgrading to level 10 and not on getting all the dishes at each level.

Besides focusing your enery and time on selling dishes that generate a lot of coins, the other and perhaps biggest factor to how many coins you can really make is based on how many customers you receive. This should be no surprise as it is the customers who bring money to your restaurant. The happier your customers are the more coins they will spend. What are the key areas that you should focus on if you want to increase the happiness of your customers? You’ll need to make sure your restaurant is well designed and provides a pleasant atmosphere for your customers. Make sure your seating and tables are positioned to provide the best restaurant experience possible. Nobody likes a crammed and narrow restaurant that has too many people and not enough space to enjoy your meal.

The other major factor affecting how many coins you can make is your employees. Happy employees mean they work faster and will make you more coins. What determines how happy your employees are? Basically it comes down to your restaurant city layout. The easier it is for your employees to get around and interact with customers, the happier they’ll be. By following these Restaurant City guide tips you’ll be on the path to being a top restaurant own in no time.