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Scottsdale Arizona

Posted on | August 2, 2010 | Comments Off on Scottsdale Arizona

Article by Joan Ewart

Disappointed in the various “wiki” guides to Scottsdale Arizona? It seems people who have never been there have written many of them.

Read on for some great information.

Scottsdale Arizona used to be considered “The Most Western Town”, that doesn’t seem to apply today, although there are still glimpses of the old West in certain areas like Old Town, where the stores still resemble a western town out of the past.

The Cavalliere Blackmsith shop on Brown Avenue has been there since 1908, continuously in business by the same family and represents the days when horses did roam the streets and needed shoeing.

Another spot to get the feel of yesterday is at Greasewood Flats, an old stagecoach stop located in what is now North Scottsdale. Parts of the old road from Greasewood Flats to Fort McDowell can still be seen today. Reata Pass, in the same area on Alma School Road, is a Steak House that dates from the 1950’s, it was used as a stage set in some old movies and still exists today serving some great steaks. The irony is that just across the road is a very sophisticated and upscale resort, but it seems those clients like to hop across the road to view things as they “used to be” as well.

An interesting sidelight is that the Cavalliere family who were original settlers of Scottsdale Arizona still owns and operates all these “historic” Scottsdale landmarks!

A great way of seeing what Scottsdale used to be is to visit the old resorts. When you go to the Phoenician, you can’t miss a small building to the side of the entryway, The Jokake Inn still stands and is used as a special events venue. Another walk into the past is a visit to the Camelback Inn. It appears as it did 50 years ago with all its charm and appeal. The Hermosa Inn is another great “old” resort. Although many of these old resorts have been renovated and re-invented, much of the old charm is there.

And the low desert is very visible when you take a drive along the northern reaches of Scottsdale Road. One mile north of Pinnacle Peak, scenic highway signs are posted and desert plants are listed. You will get your first glimpse of the giant Saguaro cactus.

Even though most of the great Arabian Horse ranches have disappeared, you can still see one or two as you drive along Cactus and some other back roads off of Shea, and of course, once a year the Arabian Show still comes to town and it is truly a horse show not to be missed. Arabians rule in February.

Evolution continues and another great area of change is the demographics, at one point in time Scottsdale was considered a retirement community, today the average age is 42.

Beautiful people are in and nowhere will you find more gorgeous gals and men. This is reflected in the hip and happening restaurants and clubs. Wine bars are on every corner and shops and galleries have spectacular offerings. Older hotels in downtown Scottsdale are now upbeat with beautifully decorated lobbies, large rooms and unbelievable services. New resorts are absolutely opulent and you would go far to duplicate their spas and golf courses.Where you used to see “adobe” homes you now see Tuscan villas dotting the mountainside. Drive along almost any of the roads in North Scottsdale and you will see spectacular multi-million dollar homes. People come from all over the world to indulge themselves in the lavish real estate.

To sum up, Scottsdale Arizona is a place of contrast and diversity, it is a place you can enjoy simply laying by the pool basking in the sun, shop till you drop, wine and dine and have a holiday that would be hard to find anywhere else. You can find all you can think of to see and do, when you visit – They know it well.