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The Alli Diet Plan

Posted on | July 6, 2010 | Comments Off on The Alli Diet Plan

The Alli Diet Plan gives you two different choices of diet types to eat and plan from. When you get your packet of books, there are many things to look at and ways to plan meals. You can either plan your own meals, or you can use the materials in the packet, and plan from their meals. The whole focus when using both the Alli Diet Plan and the pill, is to go low in fat. So your whole focus has to be just that-low fat meals.

The Alli menus they give you are laid out if you want to follow them from the packet. You will get 14 dyas worth of meals from this. There are four different calorie targets to choose from. Those would be 1200, 1400, 1600, and 1800.

You’ll have in this packet, a food exchanges list with at least 100 different foods to choose from. On the menus, you can swap foods according to your tastes.

A calorie and fat counter is also another part of this packet. This is a pocket-sized tool that you can take to the grocery store so that you can make your grocery list and shop for the foods which you like to eat. So it is a tool to make it easy for you. In this pocket guide is both the calories listed, and the fat grams for each food. Alli recommends going through your kitchen at home, and clearing high fat foods away from the shelves to help you become successful.

The Alli eating plan allows for three square meals a day, plus a snack. You can add another snack if you are careful about how you are using your exchanges. How many exchanges you are allowed on this plan all depend upon your chosen calorie level.

Portion sizes are also emphasized in this plan as in any sensible diet plan to lose weight. They say that each meal should give you about a third of your daily fat allowance. Your fat allowance again, all depends upon your daily calorie levels. It is strongly advised not to go beyond your total daily target of fat grams.

There is instruction in the packet of books about how to cook lower in fat. The plan clearly stresses using all low-fat ingredients.

The Alli Healthy Eating Guide has recommendations in this booklet for eating out too.
The guide includes both safe and unsafe choices in restaurants, and how to make the best healthier choices. There is a section that will also guide you through eating at fast food restaurants.