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An Outsider?s Guide to Memphis Restaurants: Lenny?s Sub Shop

Posted on | June 29, 2010 | Comments Off on An Outsider?s Guide to Memphis Restaurants: Lenny?s Sub Shop

How I came to find Lenny’s:  I had seen Lenny’s in a couple of different places, but was never inclined to go until I went with some friends for lunch.  We went to Lenny’s on Poplar Ave, between Germantown & Collierville.

First impression—Lenny’s looks like a typical Philly-style sub franchise—higher quality than Subway, but not a boutique place like Panera.  The website,, cites Lenny’s as “the only place to find Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks & The Deli Fresh Experience.”  The funny thing is that the Lenny’s restaurants are based in Memphis, so there is some local’s appeal to it.

Food—I got a regular Italian sub meal with chips & soda.  There were several things that set Lenny’s apart.  First, Lenny’s subs come in regular (7 ½”) and long (15”), which is bigger than the sub shops I’ve seen.  Second, Lenny’s subs come with a lot of meat—the regulars have about ½ pound, and the longs have about a pound.  Third, the hot pepper relish is outstanding—hotter than a banana pepper, but milder than a jalapeno.  It’s not sweet, vinegary, or spicy, but a very good combination of each.  The Lenny’s chips are also good. 

My wife disagrees (she likes Firehouse subs), but I think that Lenny’s is the best sub shop that I’ve been to.  If you’re passing through Memphis, you’ll want to check out some of the BBQ places, but if you’ve just moved to Memphis, or you’re in the mood for a sub, then Lenny’s is the best restaurant in Memphis for a good, Philly-style sub. 

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