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What to do in Austin, Texas!

Posted on | June 28, 2010 | Comments Off on What to do in Austin, Texas!

Traveling is a blast; meeting new people, seeing new things, it’s all fun and games (If you have a personal tour guide). Well, we’re not all Hilton’s around here, so traveling to a new city can be one big head ache if you don’t know where to go or what to see!
I’m a born and raised Austin-ite, and I absolutely love my native homeland. After reading this article, you will know the hot spots and Austin!

There’s a traditional, Austin motto that goes “Keep Austin Weird.” Naturally, as the saying goes, Austin is a very weird place. In a good way of course. Most people are exceptionally nice, the city is very safe (sans a few areas which I won’t lead you into), and there is SO much to do that you will never want to leave! So what makes Austin so weird? Could it be Leslie, the transgenger homeless man (or woman) that roams downtown Austin flirting with passerbyers? Who is to say… The most important thing about traveling to Austin is to have an open mind, have tons of fun, and… bring sun screen. It gets hot! The first stop, for you ecclectic shoppers, is Congress Avenue! Filled with hippies, vintage clothing stores and tons of delicious restaurants, Congress Avenue is your place to go. I suggest going in the morning, before the mercury reaches 90.

After leaving Congress, grab your bathing suits and head over to Barton Springs. After paying a few bucks to enter the pool, walk your way past the crowd of Yoga practicers and find a nice shady spot to lay your towl. The spring is cold, but it feels so good! There’s a diving board and a nice view of downtown. If you get hungry swimming, head over to “P Terry’s” for a great cheeseburger and fries. Affordable and oh so delicious!

Downtown is a great place to walk around in the evening! There are tons of places to eat, shops, and a diverse crowd of bar goers and club hoppers. While downtown, do not miss the Texas State Capital. The Capital is open to the public during the day, and is a magnificant place to soak up the history of Texas. Austin is of course home to the national champion Longhorns, so pop on over to the UT tower! The place to eat while you are in Austin to heal your hunger for Mexican food is Matt’s El Ranchos! A long-time family owned restaraunt, there is no better place to go! Try the queso dip, it’s to die for. After dinner, head West to Mt. Bonnel for a breath taking few of downtown, and the lake. This is a great spot for a nice romantic evening. Tomorrow…

Lady Bird Lake, previously known as Town Lake. This is the best place to go for your morning job right alongside the lake in the heart of downtown Austin. Take a breathe to walk around Auditorium Shores, home of Austin’s annual “Austin City Limits”.

There are no better places, in my opinion, that make Austin… Austin! Don’t get too caught up with the places listed in this article, there are a ton of more places to visit! The Alamo Drafthouse, the Domain, the Arboretum, and the list goes on.

Enjoy yourself! You’ll never want to leave!