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Naperville Tax Preparation, Made Easy

Posted on | May 21, 2010 | Comments Off on Naperville Tax Preparation, Made Easy

For both individuals and businesses in Naperville, tax preparation can be a difficult and stressful process. Having the right people in on your side can make it much easier. At Susan S. Lewis, Ltd., we bring experience to the table and a sincere interest in your fiscal well being. Whether your needs are small or complex, personal or corporate, well provide you with the exact services that you require–were on your side.

Whether for a single individual or a large business, Susan S. Lewis, Ltd. is capable of solving the most complex tax problems.

Some of our services for the individual include:

The standard tax returns: Simple or not, we analyze what you need and deliver at a price that fits your unique circumstances.

Missing W-2s, 1099s and Mortgage Interest Statements? We can help you fill in the gaps and retrieve lost records.

More than just taxes: Start up situations, dissolving partnerships, past-due returns, and even dealing with bankruptcy. With complex situations you need a knowledgeable advocate on your side.

Tax Planning: To effectively reduce your taxes, a customized plan should be mapped and followed to keep your assets productive.

Personal/Family Budgeting & Tracking: We can show you how to track your home expenditures each month. Know exactly where your money is going and how taxes work.

In addition to working with personal taxes in Naperville, tax preparation for your business is our specialty:

Business Returns: Our computerized preparation and research software enables efficient returns for Corporations, Partnerships, LLCs, Trusts and Estates and related Franchise Tax returns.

1040 Personal: In combination with your business tax, we will accurately prepare personal returns using preparation and research software. This will put you in the best financial position. Combining business and personal considerations together allows us to optimize planning impact.

Tax Planning: By incorporating tax planning into your overall business strategy, our team will minimize your current and future tax bill.

Unfortunately, todays tax laws can be infuriatingly convoluted and are continuously changing. If you dont keep track of updated tax laws you may be overlooking strategies, deductions and credits of which you are entitled. Susan S. Lewis Ltd. understands how important it is to remain educated in all new and changing tax regulations. The team is then able to communicate their knowledge and prepare your tax returns in full compliance –while allowing you to keep all of the money you may have otherwise wrongly given to the government. As one of our clients, you will receive our free quarterly newsletter. It describes in detail current changes in the law and other significant topics. Let our experience and eagerness to keep you informed guide your Naperville tax preparation.