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An Outsider?s Guide to Memphis Restaurants: Memphis Pizza Caf

Posted on | May 12, 2010 | Comments Off on An Outsider?s Guide to Memphis Restaurants: Memphis Pizza Caf

How I came to find Memphis Pizza Cafe—The Germantown Memphis Pizza Café is located on Farmington Avenue, which my family drives by on a regular basis.  My wife and I had noted Memphis Pizza Café and finally decided to take our kids there one Friday night—when she pointed out that the restaurant serves Ghost River Beer, I was sold. 

First impression—We walked in, and it reminded me of a hometown pizza place I used to frequent back when I was growing up.  The only thing missing was the rows of video games.  Memphis Pizza Café has a very informal atmosphere, which suits our family just fine.  There is plenty of space for little kids to run around, so we knew we found a good place.

Food—For the kids, we ordered a regular cheese pizza, while my wife and I had the, “Hey Meat!” accompanied by the Greek salads.  While the Greek salads are not necessarily what you would find in Greece, they are the epitome of what you will find in a Greek-style pizza parlor, and are worth recommending.  My wife and I found the Greek salads to be loaded with the advertised toppings—pepperoni, feta cheese, black olives, and pepperoncini (my favorites).  The “Hey Meat’ pizza was very good, as advertised, but the real reason that I recommend Memphis Pizza Café is because of the beer. 

As I mentioned earlier, Memphis Pizza Café serves Ghost River beers, brewed locally and distributed exclusively to restaurants and bars.  One unique aspect of Ghost River beer is that you cannot find it in a bottle anywhere, so you have to go to a Memphis restaurant such as Memphis Pizza Café to enjoy Ghost River beer, which I highly recommend.

For a Memphis restaurant with family-friendly pizza and good beer (try the Ghost River Glacial Pale Ale), look no further than Memphis Pizza Café.

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